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2020-01-02|by : GameLoop
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Johnny Trigger is a fun action game launched by SayGames. It currently becomes the most downloading mobile games in the US, German, Canada and so on. Let takes a close look at this game and check it why it gains so much attention.

Johnny Trigger Game Description

In the game, not only do players have to shoot to destroy the enemy, they also have to use the recoil of the gun to help them return to the ground safely. This requires them to make accurate calculation adjustments and predictions. The game sets massive levels waiting for your challenge. Interested friends come to download and experience it. 3D cartoon image, the appearance of each character is different, 3D production looks more cartoon characters, but the shape is cute and full of vigor. A very rhythmic background music sounds here, bringing people with various atmospheres while playing. The continuously updated plot also promotes the development of the story. A variety of levels are waiting for you to conquer.

Johnny Trigger Tips

The operation is very simple with one hand to control the vertical screen picture, and click the virtual button at the bottom of the screen,. The design of maps is different at different levels, so you need to change the operation of crossing obstacles. Remember to collect attacking props on the road. There are pistols and other weapons. The combat effectiveness is strong or weak.

Johnny Trigger Game Highlights

The graphic design of each level is very simple and refreshing. In the game, you will control a very cute cartoon villain to carry out various adventures. There are various props in the game for you to use. You need to have a flexible operation to defeat various enemies. Every time you attack the enemy, you’d better to shoot a headshot. In this case, you can save a lot of bullets. When the enemy is not found, he has lost.

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