[Mobile Legends] All You Need to Know about Guinevere

2020-01-15|by : GameLoop
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Guinevere is the new hero in Mobile Legend: BangBang. She looks like a doll with fighter role specialize in charge or burst. What is her special skill in this role. Please check out the following.

Super Magic

Guinevere is passive, in another word, you use a skill or attic you can get super magic bar. Damaging enemies charge her Super Magic, and her attract will increase 25% in the next round. She performs a chase to an enemy, recovering 10% of her lost HP.

Energy Wave

The energy wave skill is similar to the Cyclops. But what does it do? It means once she sends an energy out that deals magic damage with additional effect, it effect will be slowed down by 70% for 1 second. If this skill hits the target, it will reduced all her skill's, and cooldown by 1 second. There will be a red bar below her HP filling after using this skill. This means it only hits one enemy, but not a locked skill. You need to aim most the time or you can just tap it if the enemies are standing still.

Magic Thump

This Magic Thump is a charge. This is what they're talking about when they mentioned charge burst. Guinevere will jump or blink using her extremely high heels to hit the enemies. It has two steps. The first part is that she jumps to the specified location and knocks up the enemies for 1 second and deals magic damage, and the second part lets you dash out which is pretty cool.

Another thing it does is after you use a skill is if you decide to dash out, you will leave a clone of yourself one second. Do would think that clone can be targeted; in short, people might waste their Ultimate(s) or skills? Actually, it will deal magic damage in-return plus another magic damage to nearby enemies if the clone disappears.

Spatial Migration

Spatial Migration means Guinevere blinks to designated direction, leaving a temporary magical Image. When the Image takes damage, it will deal Magic Damage to the attackers and restore some of Guinevere's Super Magic.

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