[Black Desert Mobile] All Things You Need to Know About the Pre-season of Black Desert

2020-01-03|by : GameLoop
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Black desert mobile is a world-class sandbox MMORPG developed and published byPearl Abyss with the theme of Black desert IP. It was launched on December 11 globally on both IOS and Android devices and proudly is the first mobile game running service and operation by itself in Korea. Black Desert Pc version gathered high popularity around the world generating over $1 billion revenue and 20 million users on PC, consoles and mobile devices since 2015.

Character of Black Desert Mobile

The main competitiveness of Black Desert Mobile is its character customization system beating all existing mobile games. 5 character classes are provided including Warrior, Witch, Ranger, Giant and Valkyrie. Character uniqueness can be represented by their height, size, hairstyle, face and whatever you can imagine. Besides players can level up their avatar by taking on quests and build their camp. Moreover, players can choose to play in solo or multi-player includes Ramoness, a 3v3 PvP mode.

Pearl Abyss announced that the pre-season of Node War is now live in Black Desert Mobile now! The official server of Node War is about to release in mid-January, and adventures can team up with their guild friends to experience the mode in advance now.

Node War

Node War is a huge-scale PvP mode allowing to conquer territory of nodes by battling among guilds. It's a rare chance for guilds members to work together against other guilds which can attain glory for their guild.

The participants of Node War will be selected by a bidding process, only the 3 guilds with the highest bids are eligible to join the war. Members should not only attack opponents' Holy Artifacts but also defend to win the game. Winner will take possession of the node for 7 days receiving large amount of silver as tax around. During the pre-season, Node Wars will be open from 10 PM to 12 PM every Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

Pearl Shop Event

On the other hand, a special Pearl Shop event is underway now offering extra Black Pearls. Players can get the same amount of Pearls will purchasing the Pearls. More various in-game items can be obtained in Pearl Shop as well.

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