[PUBG] All Things You Need to Know About the 1st Round Club Open 2020 Spring Split of PUBGM

2020-02-11|by : GameLooop
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As one of the best grossing mobile game all over the world, PUBG Mobile had generate around $176.3 million in revenues in January this year. With the support from all over the world, PUBG Mobile establish club for its players and begin to arrange tournaments. If you are interested in esports news and trends, you may notice recent events arranged by PUBG Mobile. As stated in the official announcement, from January 2nd to February 17th, the first round of spring games begins worldwide.

After intense selection and competition, there are 32 teams participated, out of the 420,000 teams, in the final PUBG mobile club split. Plus, these tournaments set value and attractive rewards in the prize pool at various levels, totaling $ 5 million.

Match Timeline of 1st Round Club Open 2020 Spring Split of PUBGM

Here is the leaked list and timeline for the spring 2020 split:

  • Feb 07th – Feb 12th: Matchesbetween India and South Asia Teams
  • Feb 10th – Feb 15th Matches between Brazil and Latin America Teams
  • Feb 18th – Feb 23rd Matches between Brazil and North American Teams
  • Feb 19th – Feb 21st: Matches between Pakistan and a Wild Card Teams
  • Feb 24th - Feb 26th: Matches between Russia| CIS and Germany Teams
  • Mar 03rd – Mar 8th: Matches between Russia and Iraq Teams
  • Mar 17th – Mar 22nd: Matches between Europe, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia Teams.

Schedule of 1st Round Club Open 2020 Spring Split of PUBGM

It is reported that the whole duration of this Club Open 2020 Spring Split is divided into five stages:

  • Stage 1 Registration form Jan 3rd to Jan 21st
  • Stage 2 Qualifiers from Jan 23rd to Feb 2nd
  • Stage 3 Regional Group Stage during the whole of February, shown as the team match list
  • Stage 4 Regional Semi-Finals during the whole of February, including the top 24 teams from the previous competition
  • Stage 5 Regional Finals, which is about to operate in March. There are around 16 teams with having the opportunity to access this stage.
  • Stage 6 World League from May to June. The announcement of the PMWL 2020.

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