[Omega Legends] All the things you need to know about Omega Legends, play on pc with GameLoop, release date and more

2020-08-24|by : GameLoop
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Omega Legends takes players into a futuristic environment with advanced equipment and weapons to help them fight to become the last survivor.


The game belongs to the Battle Royale genre, so Omega Legends inherits a lot of content from its predecessor products like PUBG, Fortnite, Apex Legends, in addition to its own unique elements. The most remarkable thing about Omega Legends is that three players are combined, each player can choose for himself a character class with his own fighting skills.

Any Omega Legends hero could dominate the battlefield - using character abilities at the right time to gain the upper hand is the deciding factor. For example, Captain Jericho has a very weak point when he activates his protection shield. If we are standing up, our head will not be covered by the shield, so it is better to duck and activate the shield before facing an enemy. Omega Legends is optimized to provide smooth gameplay on most devices. The anti-fraud system and the policy of not selling weapons will ensure a fair environment.

It is also worth mentioning that the equipment and weapon systems are extremely diverse. Each one is different and has its own characteristics. Control the recoil of each one when you shoot the enemies, hitting the largest number of bullets is essential to win the confrontations. Aiming for the head and moving the character back so that the bullets do not go up past the head is vital to getting it right. In addition, to move around the map you have to know what weapon to carry. If we are on the move, a sniper won't do us much good, and at short distances the most logical thing to do is to use a submachine gun.

Popular features like Royale Pass (Battle Pass) are also a must have for developers to learn and apply to Omega Legends.

Omega Legends has four game modes. The first is the quick start game, where you simply hit the "Play" button to start. In this mode, the objective is to eliminate as many enemies as possible before time runs out. The winner will be the player with the most deaths at the end of the match.

The game also includes Survivor mode. In the normal version, the mode brings solo or team options. The ranked team is in pairs or teams and counts points towards their ranking in the game. Omega Legends also has special modes, available on certain days of the week, such as Playoff, Lightning Wheel, and Confidential Operation.


Omega Legends will be released on GameLoop very soon, download GameLoop and enjoy Omega Legends.

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