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12-31|by : GameLoop
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As a famous and thrilling first-person shooting game, PUBG Mobile has obtained huge public support since it launched. Additionally, Tencent cooperates with Amazon and announced a place for players to claim more prize in PUBG Mobile, named Event Center.

What is the Event Center in PUBG Mobile?

Since the "Event Center" released, our players in PUBG Mobile pay a huge curiosity about finding the center. You can find the center by login in the "PUBGM Lobby", and you will see the "Event Center" button. If you could not find "Event Center" in your PUBG Mobile, you can check the version and update it to the lastest one. Here is some updated information about the new items launched in "Event Center" and what you need to keep eyes on.

What are the exclusive loots in Event Center?

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According to the official announcement, players with the Amazon Prime Members could:

claim a new item in "Event Center” every two weeks,

obtain the exclusive loot in PUBG Mobile:

  • Permanent Items:
  1. Infiltrator Shoes (From 18th Oct to 31st Oct)
  2. Infiltrator Hoodie (From 4th Oct to 17th Oct)
  3. Infiltrator Pants (From 20th Nov to 3rd Nov)
  • Short-term Items (Active by Token)
  1. Epic level parachute named "Black Magma" (From 29th Nov to 12 Dec)
  2. Epic level gun, named "Blood Oath: Kar98" (From 15th Nov to 29th Nov)
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Plus, as the Summon Companions coming, the Falconry Manual in the Event Center illustrates how to obtain an avian assistant, complying for final champion.

The following video shows introduce the "Event Center" of PUBG Mobile.

Now, you might obtain an overview of what involved in the Event Center and how to obtain them when you are playing in the PUBG Mobile. You can also download and play this game on GameLoop for free.

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