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10-22|by : GameLoop
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Right after the fresh release of Call of Duty Mobile, with a high expectation of 2019, the LASTEST "Call of Duty" series, namely "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" 2019(short for COD MW 2019), the 16th authoritative vision, is finally announced to be published on October 25th (GMT+8).

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Compared with the previous versions, this game has the following characteristics:

1. Three Major differences: support multi-platform, new engine, no season pass

  • Support multi-platforms. Modern Warfare support multiple platforms including the PC and console. If the PC player wants to team up with the console player, controller is a must, and console player will not be matched with the PC player under the default settings. While the console player must manually make adjust the settings if he wants to play with players in other platforms. In this case, you shall be free from the disadvantages of a controller and worries of hackers.
  • No Season pass. Loot Boxes was cancelled, as the company claimed, "committed to delivering a fair system". All the items and attachments can be obtained during the game playing in COD: Modern Warfare 2019. Which, is quite different from the previously versions in which all the new maps can only be got through buying the season pass which make it awkward as it takes longer time for players to match before gameplaying.
  • New COD engine. under the IW old staffs supports, developed for 5 years, producing a "photo-realistic experience" at 60fps in 4K HDR, alongside volumetric lighting and full Dolby ATMOS support. Also, it extends beta, allowing the RTX system.

2. Return of the Solo-Player mode

  • There is no connection with the CODMW trilogy, which means that Modern Warfare is not the post-transmission or prequel of the MW trilogy. All stories and characters are new and fresh;
  • The single-player mode is more thrilling. Players can work along with various international special forces and freedom fighters in the grey area to perform covert operations in European landmark cities and the Middle East, including Close Combat, Secret Sneak and Long-Range Operations.

3. A Rich co-op Focus

  • Modern Warfare has a major emphasis on co-op, including split-screen support for local play, on the campaign and with the return of Spec Ops mode. In other words, chosen loadouts from the campaign and multiplayer can be used; different roles are available, with class-specific perks.

4. Modern Warfare for PS4 Exclusive

  • At the end of the promotional video released by the PlayStation officially announced that "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" will also have 7 days of content monopoly on the PS4. Besides, for the PS4 players, it is promised to offer a Survival Mode – a "wave-based Horde Mode" – exclusively until October 1. Besides, the official also announced that the multiplayer online mode and cooperation mode will return in this work. This game is distributed based on the platform, Modern Warfare has DirectX Raytracing.

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