【AFK Arena】 Lilith's "AFK Arena" is ranked at the top of the income list Four

2020-03-24|by : Gameloop
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AFK Arena is a casual action card game. Players can form personalized teams and join this fantasy journey with players from all over the world to prevent ancient evils from destroying the realm of Esperia.

Market data research institute Sensor Tower released the January 2020 mobile games revenue rankings. Tencent's games "PUBG" and "Honor of kings" are in the top two, and Lilith's "AFK Arena" is ranked at the top of the income list Four.

AFK Arena launched by Lilith is the fastest-rising game in February. Since its launch in China in January, its revenue has reached 88.3 million US dollars. About 70.8% of user spending in January came from China, which almost exceeded The entire revenue of Sword and Expedition since its release in the United States.

It can be said that is a global product, combining the advantages of all the Lilith card game experience. In fact, many people who are new to AFK Arena are not attracted to the gameplay, but the game's international art. style. After entering the game, people in the industry may think that this is another "Heroes charge", but not many players in the European and American markets understand what is "Heroes charge", and the "Heroes charge" gameplay is originally Lilith's original, Lilith is better than any The company understands the advantages and disadvantages of this gameplay. It is undoubtedly the biggest advantage of Lilith in the development of AFK Arena and one of the secrets of their success.

The on-hook gameplay has inherited the classic methods of the past. Whether online or offline, you can get experience and item rewards, which brings players a sense of satisfaction without effort. In terms of visual effects, "AFK Arena" adopts a large-screen vertical map presentation style, and the American magic cartoon style brings players a bright feeling.

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