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11-27|by : GameLoop
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Recently Lords Mobile announce some heroes in the game, which is also published on Twitter and other official social media. Two exclusive heroes are Animare Spawns and the Grim Reaper. The following content shows the detailed information and tips for improving your skills in Lords Mobile:

Animare Spawns

DMG Type: Direct DMG

Strong Against: Physical and Magic

Weak Against: This buoyant critter has an unquenchable thirst for Anima! Saddle up and knock the wind out of its sails to reclaim that Anima!

Grim Reaper

DMG Type: Magic

Strong Against: High MDEF

Weak Against: The Grim Reaper will harvest the soul of the Hero with the highest Max HP. Use your skills to deal Physical DMG to it before it can claim more victims!

You can use this hero no matter in the F2P lineup, but also in the P2P lineup, along with the Black Crow, Death Knight and others

Here are some tips for you to improve your professional skills in Lords Mobile.

  • Single build-up operation-Brainless Archer Square. Reinforcement with T2 or T4 bows is fine. If you can't catch the other lord all the way. Then please don't be confused
  • Multiple build operations-with the current game revision. T2 traps are growing. However, the number of buildups that Trap number faces is also increasing. The most abnormal genus is the 35-way assembly of the LH family. So take the number of LH's 35 assembly roads as a textbook. I need everyone to meet my requirements. If not. I don't recommend that you sell your face and fill it with fat and carry it to the end.

Equipment Recommendation

  • Weapon: The golden ice dragon is better than the purple hammer. The golden ice dragon is preferred. If the hammer is golden, use the hammer.
  • Helmets: Yunlong helmets are cheap, Bryce helmets are more expensive, so you can move towards Yunlong helmets. If both the Yunlong helmet and the Bryce helmet are golden, then Bryce is preferred.
  • Clothes: Trojan Tucheng clothes. Cheap, the core is easy to open, priority choice, of course, there are decisive battle clothes golden is the most perfect.
  • Shoes: Giant leather pants and Heilong shoes have always been difficult for everyone to choose, and the equipment is similar. If I change, I will give preference to Hade's boots.
  • Off-hand: Daxue's off-hand is a chicken rib. I believe that many people don't like it, and often use the devil's deputy, but the devil's deputy is very expensive and difficult to open. Here I suggest that if your gems are all golden when the attack output is high and the soul-stealing deputy is still purple, I suggest everyone choose the gold-snow deputy.
  • Trinkets: If there are blue duel accessories. This is a priority if not, the purple bug ring or the golden bug ring is the priority.

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