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11-27|by : GameLoop
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Clash of Clans | Sneak Peek: Clash of Clans Town Hall 13... confirmed? |

The 13 official publicity videos recently released have aroused a lot of discussion among players, it is noticed that the new version is likely to bring a fantastic experience for players before the Christmas Day finically come. It is no doubted that you might be excited for the new version launcing and be prepared to play the updated game as soon as possible. Here is some important information for you that you need to notice with the Town Hall 13

A New Tool Added for Improving the Recruitment.

The good news is that, in Town Hall 13, the developer – Supercell conteniues to improve the language setting within the game. However, the changes are:

  1. The Clan Badges have been moved to the “search for new member” list
  2. Players could notice the “see clan” button to invite other teams
  3. The minimum Hall level of clan are required and added in the new version
  4. If you have not receive the request, here is an notification writes “are you still looking for”
  5. Players need to open their recruitment states on when they want to search for a clan.

New Hero and New Images

There are many discussions about new heroes on the Internet. Some players speculate that the construction worker will become the protagonist of Town Hall 13, and some players combined the pictures pushed by the official to guess that the new hero will be a mage or ice method (but the ice method has long been a time-limited unit). The official statement is that the Town Hall 13 will launch a new hero, and maybe the prince may be the same.

Clash of Clans | Sneak Peek: Clash of Clans Town Hall 13... confirmed? |

In fact, in addition to the regular content updates that players can guess, the official also said that it will provide some innovative gameplay content for full defense players to ensure the game's viscosity for old players. As for the specific update details, we still have to wait until Christmas Eve to reveal it.

The new magic props have always been one of the official emphasis. Coc will welcome new magic props in December, but the official has not yet released the specific role of the new props. However, players will be able to participate in activities, etc., to a new wave of props.

Clash of Clans | Sneak Peek: Clash of Clans Town Hall 13... confirmed? |

The number 13 is so obviously on this teaser that it seems like the update is coming on December 13th. Let’s expect the updated Clash of Clans release and more information you can find via visit GameLoop, or downloading the emulator.

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