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11-26|by : GameLoop
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To maintain the players' enthusiasm, PUBG Mobile team is constantly adding new content to the game. Only a few weeks ago, developers launched a 0.15.5 update for the game rolling out New Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland and New TDM Map: Ruins. Though the heat of the latest update has not subsided yet, rumors revealed that 0.16.0 patch notes will be available soon with a lot of new stuff. According to Mr. GhostGaming's beta version video, there will be several significant additions including snow hill on Erangel map, Death Race Mode, the inclusion of TPP to FPP Switch, Heal While Moving, etc.

Snow Hill in Erangel

Leak suggests that there will be a much-awaited upgrade to Northern Erangel with a snowy patch. A part of regions will be randomly covered by snow and ice in the map, besides, Ice Castle, Ski lift and trolley tower can be found in the snowy region. What expected is that special loot crates will lie at locations to be provisioned and skiing boards will be available as a transportation tool.

Death Race Mode

The biggest update in PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 credits to its new game mode - Death Race Mode same as the theme of Movie Death Race. Players can enjoy a movie-like experience on the mobile device and battle it out as a team using vehicles. In other words, players should eliminate the rivals by equipped heavy weapons while driving on the way. During the contest, players should collect crates to obtain power-ups and knock down as many opponents as possible.

FPP to TPP switch button

In 0.16.0 version, PUBG Mobile offers an easier way to switch perspective even during a match in which the switch was only available in the lobby menu before. The TPP- FPP switch function can be optimally utilized while driving in-game and raiding into an unknown house or room. Players can get an edge if they can use the feature expertly.


Heal while moving will be achieved in new updates which was not possible earlier. The feature will be essential when players are escaping from the poison circle. Moreover, Classic HUD can be chosen in Team Death Match saving much time for players.

Release Date

0.16.0 Patch note will soon land on the beta version of PUBG Mobile and the official version is planning to be live at the beginning of December.

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