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11-25|by : GameLoop
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No. 1 Ink Inc. -Tattoo Tycoon

There is no doubt, Ink Inc. -Tattoo Tycoon win the prize as the most popular game for this week. Yes, it is a causal game app Ink Inc. Tattoo, developed by the Lion Studios Support. It has been the most downloading app since Nov 7 in both Android Store and IOS store.

Getting a tattoo is considering as cool thing for a lot of people. But it might be kind of scary or too much pain, imaging having a real one. Right now, you can have the chance to have a shop and make the tattoo for your customers. When they come, they would have their desired tattoo in their mind. You need to make the tattoo accordingly. You might say it is easy to realize. Nope. Because you will use a tattoo gun.

No. 2 Hunter Assassin

Hunter Assassin is a new 2D Action game developed by Ruby Game Studio. You can control the assassin, and then hunt down or sneak up on your enemies one by one. You need to shoot them before having them shot yourself. You can take advantages of the surroundings or shadows to stay away from the flashlights. For every enemy you kill, you will get valuable gems, which would speed up your assassins. It is become super popular mainly in north America, part of Europe, India and southeast Asia.

No. 3 Rusty Blower 3D

Rusty Blower 3D is a simulation game developed by ZPLAY games. You just need to rotate the objects and watch the rusty coming down. Enjoy the process of reborn.

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