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11-22|by : GameLoop
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Launch Portal 2, released in 2011, won three major E3 awards, "Best Computer Game", "Best XBOX360 Game" and "Best PS3 Game", even though it is very different from its competitors. There is almost no commercial incorporation.

The series of Portal can get such high evaluations from all walks of life, not only because of the imaginative artistic style of the screen performance, the brilliant dubbing, and the good operating experience and endurance, but also because of the excellent script of the game. And the fun and interesting story makes you feel that it is more than just a pure strategy shooting game. There is a bloody and fleshy protagonist, GLaDOS, with a moving story that will make you unforgettable for a long time.

Portal 2 brings a new single-player story, and the protagonist, Chell, will use the Portal to perform a new adventure in the Aperture Lab. The new plot reveals the two eras of "Aperture Science Pioneer Company" and "Aperture Company", the predecessors of "Aperture Technology." Go underground for four kilometers and take risks in the old lab. At the same time, I learned about the mystery of the game's main villain, GLaDOS, and the founder of "Aperture Technology," Kevin Johnson. In addition, the intelligent management core “Whitley” and the mysterious woman “Kayolin” appear in the E3 exhibition video.

Game characteristic:

In the game, the protagonist's weapon is a transfer gun that can open the entrance to any space. The transfer gun can not only open the space entrance, but also move the items on the ground to attack the enemy. The space will no longer be able to restrain your footsteps. Destroy the enemy without knowing it!

Tips for the game:

Portal is very different in the game method. In the past, the shooting was based on the use of various weapons to kill the enemy, and the work is very clever. He does not pursue the pleasure of killing, nor does he pursue the gorgeousness of the picture.

Small fresh dividing line

The key to the game is to use space transfer, open the space entrance, and complete various puzzles.


The perfect use of physics: the perfect interpretation of the gravity of the game, the player should make good use of it!

The perfect combination of shooting and strategy: although there are not many elements in the game, but the shooting is also very particular about what can shoot and can not shoot, the combination of shooting elements and strategic elements is very good.

Unbelievable technology: The game is a future technology, a variety of high-energy robots and technology equipment.

Small fresh dividing line

Game guide

The main thing is to observe where the customs clearance door is, and then look at what conditions are needed. Mainly practice, that is to say, it is useless to have an idea. If you want to know if you can achieve it, you should still use the portal to experiment.

Don't be afraid of death. This game requires extremely low deaths. There are only a few ways to kill you, and death is not punishable, so you can try it out.

From beginning to end, there are three people in the appearance. Only the protagonist is a human being, and there are no lines. Chell is a dumb, GLaDOS is a proud queen, and Wheatley is a singer + idiot, very simple and vivid.

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