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11-22|by : GameLoop
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The zombie mode will be released this coming Friday on 11/22, 2019. Almost the same time, season 2 will be released this following from 11/25, 2019.

“A map setting or art design can make it feel unique, memorable, and awesome,” Smith, the member from COD Community team, said,“Other times, the unique gameplay scenarios, engagements, and combat that can occur on the map is the differentiator.

Let’s take a close look for the new feature it will have from the leaked patch note.

New Season:

New winter-themed rewards

Two Zombie modes

  • Classic Survival
  1. Survival Mode: You’ll only use the gun to start. Killing the zombies to get points.
  2. Raid Mode: Get point sources on unlimited zombie attack waves.
  • Objective-driven Raid mode on the Shi No Numa map
  • Find the Mysterious Easter Egg on the way

PlayStation 4 and Xbox controllers are now supported in the matches

New Limited Time Modes

  • One Shot, One Kill. First to 20 kills with a J358 Revolver wins!

New Map

  • Summit: Battle from high altitude location from the Black Ops universe
  • Circus themed area
  • Snowy areas


  • bullet penetration of certain walls in some MP maps
  • mantling of various objects in MP
  • natural lighting on MP maps
  • firing responsiveness in Multiplayer and Battle Royale

Big Improvement:

  • Bullet hit detection
  • Melee hit detection
  • Weapon firing control
  • The firing sounds for all weapons
  • Camera behavior for improved overall performance
  • Movement while using stairs
  • Movement while climbing through windows
  • Logic of air drop location

Slightly increased:

  • The charge up time of Sparrow operator skill
  • Firing rate of LK24
  • Chicom damage
  • Range of the HG 40 while reducing damage effectiveness at longer distances
  • Damage of BY15 and HS0405 shotguns
  • Vertical recoil of Arctic .50 and extended the aiming time
  • Distance of DLQ33

Call of Duty has becoming one of the most downloading game since it published. It reached 100 million of downloading with the first week. Right now, you can play it on GameLoop, which is the official emulator for playing. Check it now.

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