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11-21|by : GameLoop
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You might notice that there is a new creature in Minecraft, increasing players are curious about how to team a fox in the Minecraft and what are their habits in the game. Here, are some tips and secrets that you can use for teaming a fox in Minecraft.

How to tame?

  1. Only small foxes can be tamed,
  2. Kill the parents of it, or, use a rein to owe it.
  3. If you find a small fox that is staying away from the big fox, you are lucky and fortunate, since they will trust and follow you, even help you to blame.

How to get close to Fox

The fox has the same agility as the leopard cat - they could sleep quickly, wake up instantly, run away quickly. There is only one way to get close to them - into the "sneak" state.

  1. Use a Trap to Catch a Fox;

You only need to fence a coniferous forest, a giant coniferous forest, a snow-covered coniferous forest, put chickens and rabbits in the fence, and then go out for a lap, then you will come back. You will find that the fox is in the cage!

  1. The Principle of Traps;

The foxes of Minecraft are naturally hostile to chickens and rabbits, and their predation method is: squatting - taking off - predation, and jumping height is 2-3.5 squares! Can easily climb over the fence.

Characteristics of Fox

  1. The fox likes picking up all the falling objects, but it also has priority. The first is food, for example, a fox with feathers, when seeing food, will drop feathers and pick up food.
  2. Hating the cake. The fox could pick up stuff, but it will never lick the cake. Is it like a parrot can't eat cookies?
  3. Eating sables and trigger the transfer. The fox always eats a certain food. For example, eating sable, the fox will be transmitted like the last shadow person; whereas eating spider eyes, the fox will have 4 seconds of poisoning effect.
  4. Eating the immortal totem. If the fox eats an "undead totem", it will be against the sky, and it will gain the same "resurrection" ability as human beings.
  5. The natural enemy of the fox. In fact, the upper food chain of the fox is a wolf and a polar bear. Funnily, although they attack the fox, they do not run fast.
  6. The unique ability of the fox is to jump. the fox is the only one that can jump more than 1 space of land creatures. In fact, more creatures do not have the ability to jump.
  7. Fighting for you. A small fox that trusts the player, with only one target. It is a monster that hurts the player. The fox with the "top" enchanted diamond sword; the item that the fox licks in his mouth, the default is equivalent to the help players. That is to say when you give the little fox an enchanted diamond sword and let it lie, each attack it launches is equivalent to the damage you wield the top enchanted diamond sword! (Two times will kill a full blood zombie).

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