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11-20|by : GameLoop
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Do you know what happen for Fortnite in this new season.

Fortnite, as the European and American big red escape game, recently ended its 10th season and is ready for the next season, and before the end of the 10th season, the player has an epic ending.

Before the end of the season, EPIC held an event to limit the Fortnite game to the "The End" mode. You can log in to this mode to witness the end of the 10th season. Of course, at the end of the season, the game server has become overloaded, and many users have failed to witness this important moment, only waiting for the final arrival in the lobby. Players who can witness the end of everything can see the scene on the map: At that time, a rocket hit the space, but it exploded in the sky, and there were a lot of time and space cracks in the sky and the ground, followed by the time and space cracks of the meteorite rushing to the ground. Blowing out a black hole, inhaling everything, the picture gradually darkens...

After that, "Fortnite" had only black holes in the whole game. It was impossible to play, even if it only entered the lobby screen, it would find that everything was pulled into the black hole.

The official Twitter account and official website of Fortnite were also sucked up by the black hole. The remaining live post with only black holes, all past posts and website content were deleted. How can EPIC promote "Fortnite" next season (and even the second chapter of the rumor) without being able to play at all? looking forward.

According to reports, the event attracted a lot of attention from players, and foreign media reported that the event attracted more than 7 million players online viewing at Twitch, Youtube and Twitter.

On Twitter, the black hole event was "the most watched game event on Twitter, watching 50.7 million minutes and watching 42.8 million times." Epic said the highest number of concurrent viewers was 1.4 million. On YouTube (which is the largest of the three platforms), the number of Fortnite Black Hole viewers attracted 4.3 million simultaneous viewers across all channels. The company did not disclose how many players participated in the live broadcast, although this number may be revealed sometime in the future.

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