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GameLoop - Play BarbarQ on PC

BarbarQ is a battle royale game developed by Hangzhou Electric Soul studio. The game is a casual multiplayer with real-time battle arena or battle royale type pf game, with its fun and unique style. It is a fusion of MOBA and IO games with a pixel art retro style.

GameLoop - Enjoy BarbarQ on PC

You need to fight and kill all the other players to be the last-one standing to win the game. You can eat the mushroom to level up and learn new skills. With your growth, you become stronger, also you become physically larger, which means you will be easier found by others.

You need to keep learning new skills to ensure your security. You can find more featured items such as bombs, honey, meat, etc. to keep your safety.

GameLoop - Play BarbarQ with Emulator

Right now this game is new in our GameLoop.

Steps to play BarbarQ in Gameloop:


Downloading GameLoop:


Finding BarbarQ inside of GameLoop. You can either search or find it in the Banner.

GameLoop - Shotscreen of BarbarQ


Download the BarbarQ by clicking the “INSTALL” button from the lower right.

GameLoop - Shotscreen of BarbarQ

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