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11-15|by : GameLoop
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Game Overview

Brawl Stars is a mobile game produced by Finnish mobile game company Supercell in 2017. The game type is 3V3 multiplayer real-time battle e-sports mobile game.

GameLoop - Play Brawl Stars on PC

Now, this awesome free game has launched on the GameLoop, which you can experience and play with bigger screen and keymapping setting.

Supercell has launched more than 70 heroes for Wilderness, and different heroes have different orientations. For example, the player Shirley, who was the first to use the player, is basically a Tiger Warrior who runs while running, and can also unlock the tank. Other positioning heroes, treatments and throwers.

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GameLoop - Play Brawl Stars on PC

Battle Forms

According to the rules, plays could choose the battle form with different maps and events in the Brawl interface. Each Event has a logo duration, and the coins available for the duration are limited. Once the countdown is over, it will randomly change to another event, and the collected coins will be counted again.

Typically, there are 4 Events slots, which are unlocked when you achieve 1, 3, 5, and 8 heroes. There are 4 classical events:


  • 3V3 team confrontation form
  • Each participant has a star on his head when he is born or resurrected
  • Once the player kills the enemy, all the stars on the opponent’s head are transferred to the player
  • Each kill will be accumulated as a team point (the team points will not be reduced due to death)
  • The winner owns to the highest end score


  • The survival mode of 10 people
  • Similar to the battle royal game, ranked according to the order of survival
  • Collect power is for your Brawler, and grab a friend or play solo
  • A circle of poisonous gas around the map gradually surrounds the map
  • There are destructible objects on the map, destroying these things or killing players can increase the HP limit.

Gem Grab:

  • 3v3 team up and out strategize the opposing team
  • Collect and hole 10 gams to win, but get fragged and lose your gems
  • You need to pick up the gams when you kill someone in order to gather enough gams


  • 3V3 team confrontation form
  • Base attack and defence strategy, the defender needs to protect the treasure chest

GameLoop - Play Brawl Stars on PC

Comparing with other MOBA games, Brawl Stars really has multiple advantages and traits.

Know more information to visit Brawl Stars, or download the GameLoop.

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