[NEW] How to Play Game of Sultans (Muhteşem Sultan) on GameLoop

11-13|by : GameLoop
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The "Game of Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) is one of the most downloaded Sudanese games in Turkey in 2019, and its free game category in the Apple IOS App Store ranks first in the game.

Characteristic of Game of Sultans (Muhteşem Sultan)

The "Game of Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) is positioned as a Sudanese game, a simulation game belonging to the Ottoman Empire. As the first and only simulated role-playing game (S-RPG) game in Turkey and the world, "Game of Sultan" have been downloaded thousands of times in a short time since its launch.

This game shows the 629-year history of the Ottoman Empire, including changes and replacements on three continents, seven oceans and 50 countries. In this game you are the ruler of the Ottoman Empire, you can:

  • Dominating the past and future stories of the Ottoman Empire and the Great Vizier nation,
  • Understanding how Europeans were conquered in history, Ottoman power and strategy for granding geography,
  • Fighting for the throne, rewriting the history and a new chapter of the Ottoman Empire.

How to play Game of Sultans (Muhteşem Sultan) in GameLoop

After downloading GameLoop (, you could use your google account or facebook account to log in. Besides, you could search "Game of Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) in the game centre, installing the game and begin your journey as a Sultans.

In the game, you will meet:
1. The struggle of national government and power, how to defend justice and fairness?

2. The beautiues in the harem is in jeopardy, conspiracy, how to choose the wisdom and beauty one?

3. In order to compete for the throne, how to choose the heirs and form an alliance?

4. Territorial violations, how to unite wise men and politicians to prepare for war?

5. Expanding the territory, expanding the field of the Ottoman Empire, and opening up new journeys.

6. A powerful alliance in history - build alliances with other players and rule the entire region with your friends!

Downloading the GameLoop and know more information and experiecne about this game!!!

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