All the things you need to know about PUBG Mobile Metro Exodus mode details revealed, 1.1 patch notes and more

2020-11-10|by : GameLoop
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PUBG Mobile continues to grow with special events. In fact, there will be a Metro Exodus coming soon. If you are interested, you should know that several details have already been released.


In a blog post, PUBG Mobile shared information about the Metro Exodus event. What is most striking is that it will include a modality that will have 2 new maps.

图片包含 户外, 飞机, 大, 标志


It is a Battle Royale style mode, it will not clash with the rest of the PUBG Mobile experience. So, what stands out in this game mode is that it features monsters, which will deliver loot when eliminated.

图片包含 人, 服装, 室内, 站


One of the new maps of this modality will transport us to a metro line with several stations and tunnels. Thus, it seeks to transport us to the type of experience that the Metro series has accustomed us to.

That's not all, as it will also feature the Tikhar Rifle. It is an iconic weapon from the latest installment in the Metro series.

图片包含 人, 户外, 男人, 站


PUBG MOBILE X Metro, unique combat system and gameplay are waiting for you to challenge; Metro Royale gameplay hall: supporting system to escort your Metro Royale journey; Royale Pass S16: Metro limited theme waiting for you to challenge! There are more new themes to play.

PUBG MOBILE will gradually updates starting from November 10. This update is a non-stop service update. To ensure a smooth update, please use a suitable network and reserve enough mobile phone storage space. Please note: Friends with different versions cannot be invited to play together. Please update in time to avoid affecting the experience.

Version update bonus

  • The updated version will be available from November 10th to November 15th: 2,888BP, 100AG and Thorn Trooper Backpack (3days)

New weapon

图片包含 武器, 游戏机, 旧


Tikhar Rifle is one of the most classic weapons in Metro Exodus, and it will be added into PUBG MOBILE's all-new gameplay!

Tikhar Rifle
Ammo: Steel ball
Type: Automatic Sniper Rifles
Note: Tikhar Rifle deals greater damage by utilizing a higher air pressure, gaining full power when the air pressure is filled up. However, its air pressure will reduce gradually with time, while firing will speed up the pressure reduction. Always replenish the air pressure to ensure its firepower.

All-New Mutants: Watchmen & Librarian

图片包含 游戏机, 文字, 书


Classic mutants from the Metro Exodus series will be added into the PUBG MOBILE's new gameplay.

Always appear in a pack. When enemies are spotted, they will growl to summon their companions to attack you.
To get past the Watchmen, you will want to eliminate one instantly with a suppressor weapon before it summons its pack, or you might get in trouble.

Patch notes 1.1

New environments:

Two unique maps based on Erangel featuring ruins, trenches, a bandit camp, and other locations are waiting to be explored.

Explore a new underground world that includes unique combat mechanics and a railcar vehicle. The rewards are tempting, but danger lurks all around you. Watch out for enemies hiding in the shadows.

New gear:

Weapons can be equipped with the M203 Grenade Launcher, adding the ability to blow up enemies with your firearms.

A new Thermal Sight that makes it easier for you to discover hidden enemies.

Night Vision Scope & Goggles to help you seize the upper hand in the darkness.

New Heavy Armor that offers even stronger protection and unique abilities.

A diverse range of armor attachments that make it possible to further customize the abilities of your armor.

Try out the Tikhar Rifle: a unique silent air rifle from the Metro series

New challenges:

Cunning bandits have been introduced as enemies on the map. Raid them or loot their supplies but watch out for the elite warriors among them.

Watch out for special monsters from the Metro series who threaten players from the shadows!

Theme Gameplay

Metro theme (from November):

Underground Metro stations, monsters, and a Radiation Zone will appear on the Classic Erangel map.

The Aurora, which is under repair, will appear on the Spawn Island.

2 of 4 Metro lines will randomly appear in Erangel each time. Access them via Metro stations to get around quickly.

Winter Festival theme (from December)

A cold wave has hit Erangel, covering the sea surface in ice floes. Follow them to find the randomly-appearing Winter Castle Paradise, get into jolly snowball fights with friends, and snowboard to your heart's content.

In addition to the chilliness, the cold wave has also brought the warmth of the holidays. Visit the Winter Festival hut and the gift pine tree that have appeared next to the city and partake in the festivities with your companions.

Adjustment of Mode Availability Times

After the version update, Infection Mode and RageGear Mode will be taken offline for further tuning. Check future notices for the new release dates of these modes.

After the version update, Payload 2.0 Mode will be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday starting at UTC

+0 instead.

Throw Melee Weapons

Players holding melee weapons can now toggle Throw mode. Throwing deals damage to enemies within 40 meters. Only enemies not wearing helmets can be knocked out directly with a head shot. Melee weapons can also be picked up after throwing so you can throw melee weapons an unlimited number of times.

New item: Spike Trap

Spike Traps appears on the ground in the Classic Mode and can be used in the throwable items tab after being picked up. Place the traps on the ground to puncture vehicle tires that pass over them. The traps are for disabling the vehicle and won't damage the vehicle itself.

Spike Traps are a one-time item. They can only puncture 1 vehicle's tires and can't be retrieved after being placed.

Mini-map Marks

Players can now mark routes on the map during the match, which provides squads with a faster and more convenient way to communicate their tactics.

Controls Settings Sharing

A code for a player's control and sensitivity settings can be generated and shared, enabling other players to replicate them.

Quick Throw Feature

Once this has been enabled in the settings, players will be able to throw throwables quickly by swiping the screen.

Combat Improvements

  1. Improved the Buggy driving experience and reduced the chance of having slippery rear wheels..
  2. When players are driving a vehicle, their equipped weapon will be shown so that the driving player can see what type of weapon they have equipped.
  3. Improved the reloading animation of the DP-28.
  4. Added Win94 sight sensitivity settings to the settings interface.
  5. Increased the max sensitivity of the gyroscope to 400.


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