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11-08|by : GameLoop
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Game Background:

"Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) is a bloody empire simulation game, you will play and open the Sultans - a life spanning the throne of the Eurasian continent. The rich details of "Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) and the tribute to the Ottoman history will make players immersed in the game's battles, military strategy, harem life, imperial management, political conspiracy and other plots!

Game Localization.

The design of "Game of the Sultans" (Muhteşem Sultan) is the embodiment of the game localization. According to the description of the game producer: in addition to translation, dubbing, world view and other content are invited by the locals, including the later operation activities are invited to local people to experience Evaluate to see if the game meets the preferences of local users, and everything is based on the taste of the locals.

Fantastic Experience:

Become a Sultan- a huge empire for you to control!

Call the harem - meet the beautiful and charming queen!

Recruiting warlords - convene famous officials to form a staff committee!

Train your child - carefully guard your child and grow up with you!

Arena - Organize your army against other players around the world!

Form an alliance - alliance with allies, fight for the empire!

Turkish Coffee - Listen to the diviner revealing the meaning of every cup of coffee.

The Ottoman Empire is in an era of great change, full of coffee for conquest, war, creativity, prosperity, love, marriage, rebellion and deliciousness!

This fantastic game now has introduced in GameLoop with the V2.2.02 version.

Download GameLoop and know more about it !!!

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