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07-13|by : GameZebo
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Team DeathMatch is the latest game mode to appear on our mobile devices. If you are like me and rarely have half an hour to spare to win a proper chicken dinner, then TDM is the next best thing.

What is a TDM?

Team Deathmatches were all the rage before the Battle Royale game mode took over. Instead of having one life to care for, you have as many as you want. There are limitless respawns and the game ends when a team gets the specified amount of kills.

The TDM in PUBG Mobile is a four-on-four fight, where the aim of the game is one team to get to 40 kills before the other. The map is small, there is a great choice of weapons, so let’s get down to the tips.

Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Push up. There is little to no point in holding down your spawn. There are too many areas to cover, so staying near where you spawn will not help your team get to 40 kills. If you hold the middle of the map and close in on the enemy spawn, they will have nowhere to go and can be picked off.

Get the M249. In the centre of the warehouse, spawns a monster of a gun, the M249. This bad boy has 100 bullets in the magazine and a rate of fire similar to SMGs. This gun doesn’t spawn in for the first minute but spawns regularly after this cool-down period.

Learn the map. Playing a map over and over should enlighten you to different spots and areas to attack. Taking control of the sides of the map means there is one less area to watch, as the enemy can’t attack you from one side.

Camp or not to camp? Many people who play PUBG Mobile are not comfortable running and gunning because it requires dexterity. If you are skilled enough to keep moving and shooting, then don’t stand still. Sitting around on prone makes you a sitting duck for a flank which is easy to do in the map available.

Try to avoid ADS. ADS stand for Aim Down Sights, this is where you zoom in on your guns ‘iron sight’ or ‘red dot’ to precisely aim at your enemy. Zooming in like this takes time and requires a lot of accuracy, whereas you can shoot without aiming just as effectively. Keep the middle of your screen on your enemy and you should be fine.

Should I snipe? I can answer this question with a question, are you sick? If the answer is yes, then running around with a Kar98k is a one-shot kill if you hit the chest or head. If you are a normal player, then you should stick to the assault rifles.

Be difficult to shoot. If you stand still while shooting, then you will lose a lot of gunfights. The trick is to be difficult to hit and then landing your shots should be easy. A lot of players like to jump, other players like to smash the prone button. I think you can just move around left and right, but don’t forget the other two if you are in trouble.

Remember the flank. When your team is being spawn camped from a particular side, only a fool would keep going back there to die again and again. Go the long way around and shoot the campers in the back!

Do not push up too far. It is tempting to sit in the enemy spawn and try to kill them as soon as they drop in. However, players have a five-second invulnerability timer to stop immediate death on spawn. So, keep your distance from the enemy spawn.

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