[AOV] Tips and Tricks Become a Master in the 'Arena Valor' (AoV) Game for Beginners - GameLoop (Formly Tencent Gaming Buddy)

11-01|by : Tribunnews
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In the game AOV, the players can choose several characters from DC such as Batman, Joker, Superman and Wonder Woman. Because the feature is very good for players to improve their ability to play MOBA games. The following tips and tricks to improve the ability to play the game 'AOV’.

  1. Start with one hero

When you first play the MOBA game you will be tempted to try every available hero.

But in AOV it's not the best idea for you guys who want to start the match. Thus, it is advisable to focus on choosing one hero that you want to master to make it easier to win the match.

Before choosing a hero that you want to play and rule, the players must first know the special abilities of several heroes. If you have chosen the hero you want to play, focus on the hero and do not change heroes. By focusing on playing one hero, you will have better abilities in the overall AOV game and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Play as a team

In the game, AOV for teammates on several different lines is a very good thing. The pemmican must compete in the existing path campaign with the enemy. Communication is also very necessary for the team to win the match. Hence. keeping in mind no matter how strong the hero is used and mastered, without teamwork, you will only complicate the path to victory.

Apart from that, the most important thing is not to leave the game while it is in progress or AFK (away from the keyboard). If a player often does AFK in a match, this is very detrimental to team one and certainly makes team friends can lose.

  1. Using the Forest

Given the size of the forest in AOV, not many players use the maximum. While there is a lot of gold that can be obtained from existing camps in the forest to improve the abilities of the heroes. If you are fighting on the path, and your opponent plays two or three heroes to try and destroy the tower, try to go to the forest. Maybe you can lose the existing tower ahead but finding gold in the forest makes the hero's abilities dramatically increase.

If the hero's abilities have increased, you can avenge more easily leveling the opponent's tower. However, be careful when hunting in the forest, do not let many towers fall because you do not need to be properly.

Image result for arena of valor forest

  1. Arrange build items from pro players

Every hero in AOV has a different set of items between one and the other. There is a practical feature hidden in the menu that allows you to find the best build for each hero and complete it as the default build.

In addition, you also support to see the build item set of pro players that match the hero you are using. Your hero's abilities can improve from before while still using the initial item build set. Doing variations in building set items is a good idea but taking a pro player will make it easier for you to win the match.

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