[Among Us] A Beginner's Guides and tips, all the things you need to know about how to Play and how to Be a Good Impostor

2020-09-16|by : GameLoop
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It is much more difficult to meet friends these days. Fortunately, there is a new hit game called Among Us, Among Us launched in 2018, but has recently gained traction as players discover how much fun it is with friends. Players are secretly separated into "Teammate" or "Imposter" groups. The crew members must complete tasks on the ship or eliminate the impostor (s) from the ship. The impostor's goal is to kill everyone on board.


How to play Among Us

Among Us allows four to 10 players or crewmates who are tasked with repairing a spaceship for the game. Most players will focus on fixing the ship, but one to three players will play as imposters. As the crew members fix the spaceship, the impostors will secretly try to sabotage their work, and it's up to the innocent crewmates to find who the impostor is and remove him from the game.

However, the Deceiver resembles the crewmates, making it difficult to identify the culprit. If you are playing as the Imposter, it is essential that you maintain your cover so as not to raise suspicion and be eliminated. If you can keep up with your claims, you can win the match and start over.

With that, here are some tips for Among Us beginners who are playing as Impostors, thanks to ScreenRant.

Silence, don't stand out!

First of all, don't stand out and arouse the suspicions of your fellow crew members. That means not following potential victims or wandering around doing nothing. You'll want to pretend you're completing tasks, so stand by the computers and motors.

Also, join the discussions, especially when a body has been found. Your silence could lead to your elimination.

The bottom line is that you want to appear innocent and act like you want to win the game as a team and eliminate someone.

Act clueless instead of blaming others

Here's the thing: you can blame others. Most likely that will happen, and many of your crewmates will start to blame others as well.

However, the difficult thing about blaming someone is that they may have a solid alibi, and you will end up raising suspicions for the lie. So what you want to do is act without having a clue. Ask the others where they are, what they have been doing, and who they think the impostor is and agree with them.

Ghosts are not useless

It's only a matter of time before a player finds himself pushing daisies. Either by the impostor or the bad judgment of your companions, the player will turn into a ghost when dying. However, even dead, a Crewmate can still complete their assigned tasks. As a bonus, ghosts generally move faster than the average Crewman, allowing them to move between tasks more quickly. The downsides to being a ghost (other than being dead) is that they cannot stop ship emergencies (such as the reactor meltdown) and they cannot chat.

Read your assignments carefully

Sometimes a Crewmate will receive an assignment and have no idea what they are supposed to do. Players can find themselves staring into a storage room with no obvious warning in front of them. For these situations, it is essential to review the tasks carefully. The task description usually gives a hint as to what the player is supposed to do. Also, some tasks are two-part, meaning that players must do something in one room and finish in another. If players are still unsure, they can check with Crewmates during discussion time.

Always close the door!

Your main objective as an impostor is to sabotage the hard work of your fellow crew members and kill innocent victims and of course you must do it without being detected.

Sabotage their work whenever you find an opportunity, like turning off lights and actively putting up barriers. Also, always close the door, especially when you are about to kill a crewmate. This increases the chances that you will not be caught and you will escape quickly.

Who is the killer?

You will definitely want to leave the rookies behind and target the veterans first, as they most likely know the game well enough and can quickly identify imposters.

Be careful who is watching you

Of course, you'll want to avoid being seen killing an innocent crewmate, either by another player or by the multitude of security cameras around the map.

Among Us is available for PC and mobile devices. Join the game and enjoy the joy of it.


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