PUBG Mobile Update: New Erangel Map is coming, On September 8th, Releases Sneak Peek and more

2020-09-01|by : GameLoop
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Tencent revealed the release date of the new version of the classic "New Erangel" map in a preview of the upcoming 1.0 update on the Apple App Store on August 28. The new Erangel map will replace the old map on September 8th in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0. The Erangel map update also comes with improvements to textures, graphical effects, and more.


New Map: Erangel

PUBG Mobile fans will remember Erangel as one of the first maps after downloading the game. By now, it needs a complete refurbishment to make it exciting to play again. Mylta Power is completely redesigned and more intimidating than ever, with the addition of over seven warehouses. Tactical regulation is also observed in places like the Military Base or Mansion.

The new Erangel map offers many opportunities for tactical advantages. From fences to barricades, players need to be very careful and react faster than before.

Excellent graphics



At the event, the company also noted that the new version will bring improved graphics, enrich the experience, and make it more realistic. This means that you will see more improvements in characters, environments, and skirmishes. Interaction with particles, smoke bursts, aerial explosions, and ranges also got visual improvements.

Likewise, actions such as parachuting, throwing sprites, and printing are optimized. In fact, lighting systems, models, and texture quality have been updated to offer more realism.

The company said the update will improve the gaming experience on medium and low-end devices by up to 30% in terms of FPS and up to 76% in terms of reducing lag.

New user interface

Although the game graphics are due to undergo an overhaul, the company will implement a new user interface (UI). The new UI will be split into three areas: games, social and shopping, allowing players to get an idea of ​​where players are at a given point in time.

The interface will make navigation smoother, as the player can erase across multiple areas with just a flick of a finger. Not only that, but you'll also see more customization options where you can move, add and remove UI elements that will make it feel a lot more personal.

PUBG Mobile improvements

Players will enjoy the new graphical features introduced in PUBG Mobile Patch 1.0. For example, water reflections are being improved so that players can gather information while looking at water surfaces. Buildings and grass are now more realistic, and character models are better shaded and animations. The lighting systems and lobby have also been improved. The developers have added a special room dedicated to the display of skins.


Details of the update were posted live on YouTube. More Game and Information can be found:

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