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10-21|by :
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BIG NEWS! The developer of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Moonton is collaborating with SNK, the developer of King of Fighters for awesome skins and great in-game content! Now, fans of both games can sit down and discuss their favourite games together.


In case you are unaware, SNK’s King of Fighters (KOF) is one of the most well-established fighting games since 1994. Moonton, on the other hand, has captured the hearts of mobile gamers around the world with Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB).

The first masterpiece of this collaboration was the recently released Athena Asamiya skin (KOF) for MLBB's newest hero - Guinevere! But this is just the start, if you’ve logged in to MLBB recently, you can definitely tell that more surprises are yet to come!


There is currently a mini contest in the game running from 8-23 March for players to find out clues and redeem rewards! How does it work? Participants will earn ‘Popularity’ points through logging in everyday and inviting friends to find out more clues about the future content releases of this video game crossover.

The second KOF hero was recently revealed to be Leona Heidern, a powerful character with an unfortunate and troubled past. She is strong and aggressive, and we still don't yet know which MLBB character will receive the skin, but we're really excited! We're hopeful that Chou gets a cool skin too!


Alright, let's not waste any more time, log in now to your MLBB app to participate in this fun contest. If you want to get the latest news and updates on this, do follow the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang FB page!

eGG's thoughts: Collaborations like this is slowly becoming a trend in the gaming industry: Fortnite’s Thanos game mode was a pretty cool one between Epic Games & Marvel. Recently, PUBG Mobile partnered with Resident Evil 2 to come up with the “Survive Till Dawn” mode. The unique game experience these collaborations bring are exciting and definitely encourage fans to keep playing.

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