[Animal Crossing] Phenomenon-level game Animal Crossing-How does it succeed

2020-04-28|by : Gameloop
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Animal Crossing by Nintendo launched on March 20th, and it has becoming the fastest-selling Switch game in Japan and occupying the top spot in the game sales rankings of various regions immediately, it also received rare attention from mainstream media and became the most discussed game on social media worldwide.

Phenomenon game

It is no accident that Animal Crossing became a phenomenal game in the past month. Combining personal expression vectors and public space, Animal Crossing has become a virtual sanctuary and one of the tools for people to solve problems in the Corona Virus Disease. At the same time, it is also performing the functions that the future game needs to undertake.

The game is a social game where players start a new life on a desert island and build it into their dream home.

Emerging Fashion

Animal Crossing seems to have become a new fashion, almost everyone would carry a switch, the hotspot of Kohlrabi occupies various headlines. So, what is the charm of Animal Crossing indeed?

The success of this game is that you can create your own world, the space you like, even the style of clothing you like, you can design it yourself, moreover, even brand-name suits can also be realized in the game. Simply put, it is the degree of freedom, which provides more degrees of freedom than many other games.

Enjoy Life

Animal Crossing seems to run counter to other games, it has nothing to do with battle or rankings, nothing to do with your skills or mission accomplish. This seems just a social game, but in a more comfortable way, more leisurely and more casual, but you can have more possibilities in the game, constantly discovering and exploring, and becoming your own creator.

Still Heaven has created an island of fantasy that is completely free of troubles and works in sync with the real world. I think the main thread of Animal Crossing in the true sense can be summarized in a simple sentence, enjoy your life.


But how can a real utopia in the world? Inevitably, with many players and "public" attributes, reality penetrates the virtual world. Because of the elements of turnip and the population management of islanders, it is a mirror to observe the "diversity" of players: the kohlrabi metaphor of "faking futures" metaphors allows some players to also be careful investors in the game.

The randomness of the islanders has stimulated some players' demand for "cuteer" popular islanders. The sellers use the modifier to edit the islanders and force them to be sent to the buyer through multiple mental abuse.

This cruel gameplay way clearly deviates from the original intention of the game, and it also makes you realize that what people do in the virtual world is still a projection from reality. this game becomes a social experiment to observe human behavior. In fact, when the game maker defines Animal Crossing as a social simulation game, this game will inevitably become a "mirror" of reality

Everything has two sides.

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