[PUBG Mobile] Exclusive Information About the Patch Note of 0.17.0 of PUBG Mobile and Season 12

2020-03-02|by : GameLoop
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As a creasy PUBGM fan, you might notice that the exciting season 11 is planned to close tomorrow. Are you enjoy your shooting moment in this season? Or you are not satisfied with your performance this season. Well, the stirring news about the next season of PUBG Mobile, Season 12, is announced to open this month, as well as the new patch of 0.17.0. Let's see what kinks of surprise Tencent will bring to its PUBG Fans.


The PUBG Mobile 0.17.0 Global Beta Test Recruitment is open now, you can register via finishing this questionnaire. Here is a collection of the released update of the patch note of 0.17.0 and season 12:

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Release Date: March 3

Mode update:

  • Hardcore mode
  • Color-blind Mode

Map update:

  • Erangel 2.0
  • New TDM Map In PUBG: Extreme Cold Mode

New Feature:

  • Death replay
  • Tactical marks
  • Teammate Voice Control
  • New shotgun

The following information is the detailed explanation of these updates in 0.17.0:

Hardcore Mode

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Although the patch notes of 0.17.0 and the new season have not been leaked from the official announcement, its social media account Facebook recently mentioned that the exclusive 0.17.0 patch note is coming soon, especially the Hardcore Mode is strengthened.

Actually, this Hardcore Mode is a traditional mode of Player Unknown's Battleground Mobile, which has been first launched in 2018. Within this mode, players could experience the difficult and exclusive operation of PC-like gameplay of first-person shooting games. Differ with the gameplay of the mobile game, you will no longer see the auto pickups and automatic door in the battleground. Namely, this mode adds more challenge and exciting elements to players.

Colour-blind Mode

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This is a fresh mode that benefits for players who affected by color blindness. It is a kindly and friendly update for the PUBG Mobile. We can see the serious and patient that Tencent provides for these inconvenient gamers. According to the setting of this color-blind mode, the color of scope and reticle would be customized by players, altering to the colorblind type. Thereby, within this mode, the red or blue areas shown on the map are highly dependent on the type of color blindness gamers choose.

Other information about the update will be released simultaneously with the official update note of PUBG Mobile in the following days. More information you can visit our website or visit the Game Center Page to play more games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Saint Seiya Awakening on your PC with GameLoop.

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