[Crossing Void] Exclusive and Super Strong Lineups for Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void

2020-02-24|by : GameLoop
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As a beginner of Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void, you might be confused about how to obtain the final victory and best lineup of the game, here are three exclusive lineups for you to practice well in the game.


1. Best Companion Lineup

The combinatorial combination is one of the special gameplays of " Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void ". Different characters can create a variety of combinatorial skills. In addition to the character-specific battle screens, each combination has high explosive combat effectiveness.

  • Main: Front row: Mikoto, Middle row: Xiaogucheng, Back row: Shirai Kuroko
  • Support: Front row: Kamijou Touma, Middle row: Kirito, Back row: Uiharu Kazar

The front, middle, and back three groups, is consisted of companion lineup, which cooperates together could achieve comprehensive coverage of physical damage and power damage. The joint lineup of the Xiaogucheng and Kirito is a relatively rare skill that can simultaneously increase physical damage and power damage.

In addition, with the Uiharu Kazar, the purpose is to clear the benefit status of each group and restore a certain amount of health to teammates, so that our characters can maintain safe health. Because the lineup requires the matching of specific characters, it will test the card pools of the Zero Realm. However, some characters can be combined with multiple characters to carry out the cp. If you don't have the above, you can also use your own card pool to Match it.

2. Offensive Lineup

This offensive lineup is suitable for zero-level players who like to stimulate gameplay. The advantage of the attacking lineup is violent output, ending the battle at the fastest speed, especially after the character level is relatively high, it is not a problem to kill the enemy within a few strokes. The disadvantage is that if the output of the character is not high enough, it is very likely that the ship will overturn, so Zero Realm requires that the character be developed in a targeted manner.

  • Main battle: Front row-Cuwense, Middle row: Izaya, Back row: Emi
  • Support: Front Row: Hevia, Middle Row: Zero, Back Row: Kirino

The group damage brought by Cowenser and Hevia is considerable compared with the front row serious injuries, and the two are linked to each other. The buff bonus makes the physical damage higher. Zero is to use her mid-range tactics to block enemy characters for around so that teammates can end the battle faster. Emi has both speed and attack power, combined with Gao Bantong's defense weakening attributes, causing accurate and high damage to the enemy.

3. Universal lineup

The so-called universal lineup is capable of playing and resisting, attacking the front row, and both the middle and back rows, so it is more comprehensive to consider matching. Although the universal lineup is more comprehensive than other lineups, it does not include all skill attributes.

  • Main: Front row: Takasu Ry, Middle row: Izaya, Back row: Kirito
  • Support: Front row: Ieafa, Middle row: Kuroyukihime, Back row-Lifa

This lineup includes Lifa as a supporting role; Takasu Ryu who clears all the derogation statuses; Kuroshiki who seals off the enemy; Takasaka Kirino with high attack and crit; Lifa used with ith Kirito, can cause damage to enemy groups, front row, middle row, and rear row.

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