[Garena Free Fire] All Information You Need to Know About the Patch Note of Garena Free Fire

2020-02-19|by : GameLoop
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After the lovely Valentine activities hold by Garena Free Fire, which you can read more detailed information from ‘All Events and Gifts You Need to Know About CODM, PUBGM, FF and Fortnite in the Valentine’s Day’. The official announcement of Garena has stated the patch note of the forthcoming update, and it seems more likely a huge and big update for the product. Here is all the exclusive and necessary information you need to keep eye on with this update.


Training Ground is Added in Kalahari

In fact, a month earlier, Garena posted a poster for everyone to peek at the upcoming map. Based on player analysis and speculation, map updates are more likely to appear in the old map Kalahari. In fact, the official patch notes for Free Fire have acknowledged that a "training ground" is coming, which is very exciting for our players.

New Characters – Steffie

It can be ground from the news that this new character is a graffiti artist, she seems to have some kind of story with the Alok character. In addition to being good at team combat accidents, Steffie has special abilities. With Steffie, Steffie can create graffiti, reduce explosion damage by *%, and reduce shooting damage by 1% for 2 seconds.

Two Equipment - Inhaler and Electric Surfboard

Although there is little information about the two new equipment, Inhaler and Electric Surfboard, which have been released, at least we could conclude from the official Facebook post that these two pieces of equipment will improve the player's healing ability, moving faster as well.

Fresh Gameplay and Design

According to the released Patch Note, Garena has also made relevant efforts in the gameplay and UI design. It's annoying for most players to be bothered by a friend's invitation prompt in the game, so Garena's latest updated description states that you can block these messages and focus on your game without any interference. Alternatively, you can invite them via the "invitation code". In addition, secret weapon exchanges take place automatically, especially when they are at lower ammo, you can also use the minimap to observe the surrounding situation

Expected Advanced Attachments

As the patch note mentioned, an advanced attachment, named Armor-piercer will be added in the game, which is used to add more AWM and Thermal for the Plasma Gun.

Besides, all items in the game are preset to provide armor and helmets; the exposure of new weapons will increase, and the number of bears in the map will also increase to 10. The most exciting news is that new rebirth points have been added to the game area, and players can get more durable gaming experience.

Garena also optimized the performance of the AN94 and XM8.

  • AN94: + Fire Rate, + Range, + Recoil Recovery, -Damage, -Muzzle Attachment
  • XM8: + Damage, + Rate of Fire, + Movement Speed ​​while Aiming, -Magazine, -Range, -Accuracy

More information and explanation about the gameplay of these latest equipment and characters will forthcoming. Also, you can visit our website and download GameLoop emulator now. Visiting the Game Center Page to play more games such as Call of Duty: Mobile, PUBG Mobile, and Saint Seiya Awakening on your PC with GameLoop.

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