[Brazil Carnival] A Collection of Activities to Celebrating Brazil Carnival in Mobile Games

2020-02-18|by : GameLoop
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One of the most popular and famous worldwide festivals, Brazil Carnival, is coming soon. As the official guideline mentioned, this national festival this year begins on February 21st, ending on February 26th. Hence, you could take part in all samba school parades and Sambadrome during this period. With such a hugely exciting and samba-related atmosphere, people will dress colorful costumes, joining blocos or block parties, proceeding in the street carnival with strangles in parades. Actually, an increasing number of mobile games plan their own activities in celebrating the carnival of Brazil. The following content concludes the best and interesting activities and exclusive skins launched for Brazil Carnival.



Last year, Minecraft released a new skin for celebrating Brazil Carnival. This carnival idea about Toya begins with the culture and local activities in Brazil's Rio Carnival. Toya is a new feature in the game with various colors, which echoes with the samba costumes or Rio carnival costumes in Brazil. Besides, they introduce a map that is similar to the samba school parade in Brazil Carnival, where is crowed with block parties, street parties, dancing samba, and more rio carnival elements.

“Flamboyant costumes! Giant parrots on wheels! The thrumming, mesmerizing rhythm of a hundred drums being hammered!”

Minecraft states that the new skin they launched is about to provide a colorful, entertaining and exciting game experience for celebrating the carnival. It is no doubt that you can feel a strong festival and parade atmosphere there.

[league of Legends]

Back in 2017, League of Legends released a Festival Queen Anivia preview for the carnival of Brazil from the PBE. Accordingly, the developer of LOL admitted that this new skin combines items from Brazil and the United States as a culturally-inspired skin for players all over the world.In terms of the feature design of this Festival Queen, it is all around the elements and themes of festive color. Anivia is consist of colorful feathers and pink Flash Frost. Frost could result in exploding. Here is a preview of the new skin, Festival Queen Anivia:

Although some mobile games have not launched carnival activities yet, we believe that they will take action in the following days, let’s expected what will happen soon.

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