[Crossing Void] The Best Damage Dealers That You Need to Know About the Crossing Void Tier List (Part 2)

2020-02-18|by : GameLoop
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'Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void' is a topical role-playing game based on the IPs from 'Crossing Void'. For helping you lineup more effectively and collect more powerful dealers, we have introduced several dealers along with its characters in the ‘Part 1’. The following content is continually providing the guide that delves into the Crossing Void Tier List, supporting you to select characters faster and more effective.


Miyuki Shiba

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This character is mainly responsible for arcane damage. Although her lethality was not great, she made up for all her losses and improved practicality.

Miyuki has three skills: Bloom is the basic vibration, which generates a large number of ice cones that spear enemies, dealing with power damage. Cold Magic, dealing high damage to enemy officials and increases the damage taken for several rounds.

Forced in the Brother Complex field could predict the magic energy in the specified area, causing power damage to the entire enemy, and clearing multiple gain states.


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He is a heavy striker character, leaving dents in the enemy team. Kirito’s assault skills, named Double-edged sword, causing physical damage to the enemy's back row, ending SAO. Eclipse deals high physical damage to the enemy's back row. The combo skills can cause physical damage to the enemy as a whole. When the enemy has a defeated character, the target is switched to another enemy. When Kirito is paired with Ako, it can unlock the pro & noob feature, causing the head to roll.

Emi Yusa

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This character is better at dealing damage to enemies in the rear. Emi's basic ability, known as Skylight Charge, deals with power damage to the enemy's back row. This skill's attack power is increased. After using it twice, the Holy Power has been exhausted and transformed into a normal form. In addition, Amy's Skylight Flame Slash may hit all enemies, reducing the enemy's multiples of gain, thereby supporting attacks from other dealers.

Using her with Ryuuji Takasu can both eliminate the enemy's buff and clear the debuff of her own team.

Mikoto Mikasa

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She is great damage to destroyer. When hunting down Arcade damage from the enemy. Her basic ability, Railgun, can multi-shock all enemies, dealing with power damage. Electric shocks may result in multiple electric shocks to enemy officials, causing psionic damage and additional damage. Besides, her Shizuo Heiwajima can reduce the number of enemy healings.

These detailed intorduce might ensure your understanding about how to lineup your dealers in Crossing Void, more information about the tips and tricks you can read ‘The Exclusive Guides For Beginner of Playing Dengeki Bunko: Crossing Void’.

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