[HOT] Actives in Valentine’s Day of Pokémon Go, Rise of Kingdom and AFK Arena

2020-02-12|by : GameLoop
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The Valentine’s day will be coming soon, are you ready to discovery real a Pokémon, collect the exclusive activities Rise of Kingdoms, or send chocolate and rose to your partners in AFK Arena? Here is detailed information about the Valentine activities holed by these games.

Pokémon Go

As a lovely and Augmented Reality game, Pokémon GO is famous for numerous its "Field Research" gameplay with the exclusive Japanse IP. It has widely spread to many countries, leading to a new trend of gameplay. Accordingly, Valentine’s Activities of Pokémon go might surprise you a lot. There are two main activities during Valentine’s Period. Firstly, players could take part in the Valentine’s Day Celebration from Feb 14th to Feb 17th. During that period, you might discover several Pink Pokémon’s that are real in common. Besides, Audino and Alomomola will arrive on the map. It is so attractive that you might also obtain the rewards of Catch Candy. Another active named “Shiny Happinys and Shiny Chansey's”. Players have the chance to gather Raid Pass for free. Besides, the cute Lickitung will appear as the form of “Body Slam” in the four-star raid.

Rise of Kingdom

Rise of Kingdom (Rise of civilisation) is a fantasy style strategy game that hot in the Europe and America. Unlike most Clash of Clans games on the city surface, in addition to the unique defence tower stunt system, players can also imitate hero units in real time, choose heroes of different professions and customize a variety of stunts. Rise of Kingdom (Rise of civilisation) released a new version 1.0.30 at February 5th version is updated and a new version 1.0.30 is released. Thispatch notes of this new version are announced to fix several previous bugs and add more update there.

Besides, the "Valentine's Sweet" event is launched, and the game will be full of love, roses, and chocolate, including Moment Love,Rising in Love, Vow of Rose, Gift Showers,Race Againse Time,Gifts of Affection and other channels.

AFK Arena

Releasing two events in the game “A SWEET ROMANCE” and “FLORAL FLIRATION’. As the official announcement mentioned “A SWEET ROMANCE” is an activity that gamers could redeem the chocolate of Mehira and claim reward there. Impertinently, the higher level you are in the game, the more gifs you can obtain in the Valentine’s Day. FLORAL FLIRATION where you can send roses to your friends within 10 days, also, there is a list that shows the result of rose obtain. More detailed information you can check the AFK event channel.

Other activities you can click All Events and Gifts You Need to Know About CODM, PUBGM, FF and Fortnite in the Valentine’s Day. More information you can visit our website and download GameLoop emulator now. Visiting the Game Center Page to play more games such as Call of Duty: Mobile,PUBG Mobile, and Saint Seiya Awakening on your PC with GameLoop.

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