[Saint Seiya] Tips and Tracks of Goddess Athena And Hades of Saint Seiya Awaken: Knights of the Zodiac

2020-02-03|by : GameLoop
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As a famous role-playing game with exclusive Comos IP, Saint Seiya Awaken: Knights of the Zodiac keeps popular since it launched. Till now it has become one of the most popular and hot download games in App Annie. Plus, in order to improve the game experience and convey interesting gameplay for the audiences, the developer usually updates several new Gods with the familiar comes characters for players. Here is the summer of the recently leaked saints along with the guides.

Goddess Athena

This goddess is officially launched from 28 January to 4 February. It is suggested to gather and claim this goddess during this period since you can obtain the double opportunity to earn the theme summons, and it will disappear in the advanced and AR summon pool after 4 February.

Status: S CATK, A HP, A Speed (306)
【Usage difficulty】★★★★
【Collection difficulty】★★★★★

As a powerful support, Athena can improve the energy of allies and stimulate the energy consumption of opponents.

There are four skills for the Goddess Athena

  • Sacred Glow: it is used to add buffs to allies and damage enemies
  • The Staff of Victory: especially for the lower blood enemies, this skill could deal deadly damage.
  • A land of love and peace: it is operated to controlling the acquisition of energy
  • Goddess of Victory: it is an opportunity to become immortal Goddess of Victory.


This is a saint that could support you win the PvP battle in Saint Seiya Awaken: Knights of the Zodiac. Hades could offer high life steal, along with reviving others especially when it cooperates with Great Eclipse.

Status :S CATK,A HP, A Speed (310)
【Usage Difficulty】★★★★★
【Collection Difficulty】★★★★★

There are four skills for the Hades:

  • Great Eclipse I: Once you have collected nine planets and aligned them, you can unlock Great Eclipse II while reducing the enemy's Max HP.
  • Great Eclipse II: This skill has a powerful life stealing ability.
  • Oblivion in the Dark World: This ability improves Hades' survivability by transferring damage to another saint.
  • Predatory: This ability is used to resurrect a dead saint, especially after using Great Eclipse.

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