[Saint Seiya] Tips and Tracks About Lineup and PvP modes in Saint Seiya Awaken: Knights of the Zodiac

2020-02-03|by : GameLoop
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Saint Seiya Awaken is a famous role-playing game, now has launched in GameLoop. Within numous Saints, you might be confused about the lineup and different PvP modes, here is a guide for you to obtain more track and tips for obtaining the victory and leveling up easily in Saint Seita Awaken.

The PvP Modes in Saint Seiya Awaken: Knights of the Zodiac

  • The Galactic Duel, with limited and routine duration every day.
  • The Saint Arena, a typic PvP mode for practicing.
  • The Train Hall, where you can learn more strategies and level up to Elite Stages.
  • The Sacred Duel, allowing players to take part in the real-time battle.
  • The Jamir, a PvP tournament that players could enroll and fight for the grand prize.

Recommended Combination for Your Quick Level Up:

Galactic Duel:

There is two duration for this PvP battle, you can play it from 12:00 to 14:00 and 19:00 to 20:00. It requires 6 Saints to participant in your group and obtains energy as much as possible. Once you win the final round of the PvP battle in Galactic Duel, you have the opportunity to gather the Basic Battle Rewards, Weekly Division Rewards, Season Rewards, and other released benefits.

The recommend lineup of your Saints are Kiki, Eagle Marin, Chameleon June, Scorpio Milo, Pisces Aphrodite, Sextans Luna.

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Sacred Duel:

Known as a real-time PvP mode, which ensures players establish their own lineup from their saint pool. Importantly, it merely allows one Cosmo with equipment in your lineup, thus, you need to pay much attention to your choice.

Especially, it is suggested that there are threes “S Characters” for free that you can claim in the PvP battle. Accordingly, we suggest you lineup your saint includes Kiki, Sextans Luna, Cygnus Hyoga, Aquarius Camus, Eagle Marin, and Pisces Aphrodite.

Saint PvP Arena:

A traditional PvP battle arena that you could practice your skills with Al controlled opponents. Different from other modes, it is allowed to use the “Quick Challenge” button to speed you.

Since it is the basic and usual PvP practice arena, you can select any saints, the official recommends lineup is consists of Saori, Grand Pope, Lizard Misty, Gemini Saga, and Scorpio Milo.

Now, you are familiar with the mode and tips of stains lineup, it is time to get ready to take part in the battle with gods on PC with GameLoop.

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