[CODM] All information You need to Know About the XS1 Goliath of Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3

2020-02-01|by : GameLoop
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You might not imagine such Hugh armor is available in CODM as a new scorestreak. additionally, how to obtain this Goliath in CODM quickly? Now we are going to introduce some crucial information about such XS1 Goliath:

When can I claim the XS1 Goliath:

According to the announcement of the Facebook account of CDOM, the XS1 Goliath is available from the beginning of Season 3 (16th Jan). the Challenge event of XS1 Goliath is from 31 Jan. to 13 Feb.

What could I claim the XS1 Goliath:

In order to gather the new XS1 Goliath, you need to take part in the challenge with the following missions:

  • Play 5 multiplayer matches to gathering 30xp.
  • Kill 60 Enemies in 5 multiplayer matches mode so that obtain 25xp.
  • Kill 10 Enemies via using scorestreak 8 Times, then you could claim 26xp.
  • Log in a total of three days, thereby, you will get a full 100xp

How can I Use the XS1 Goliath in CODM:

Once XS1 Goliath is unlocked by 900 points, you could play with your skilled ability. Here are some crucial guides that you need to pay attention when you are operating XS1 Goliath:

  • Heat Bar: it illustrated by a curved bar in the middle of the screen.
  • Zoom: be sure to zoom in to obtain accuracy sight.
  • Fire: it is recommended to use shot spray first.
  • Leave: use the red button to leave.
  • Health Bar: keep eye on with this bar in case you lose too much blood.

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