[CODM] Importance Notification about The Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile

2020-02-01|by : GameLoop
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It's been 2 weeks since the release of the third season of CODM, are you playing this exciting first-person design game at GameLoop? With the advent of the new season, the Garena page has launched a lot of activities to activate the player atmosphere, such as “Lunar New Year” bundle, Party Game Moshpit Featured Playlist, new Scoretresk (Goliath) shaped as an advanced armor, with a manually-piloted mechanisms suit. The following summary involves several important and generald notification of the Season 3 of Call of duty mobile.

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1. Season 3 is officially launched at 16th January

As leaked information claimed, the new season of CODM includes several updates involve:

  • New multiplayer mode that speeds the exciting duration of game
  • New Map lauched, named Cage
  • New operator skill named H.I.V.E, killing others by traps.
  • New Scoretresk – XS1 Goliath, obtain with 900 points.
  • New 20v20 mode in battle royale gameplay
  • 2-person motorcycle is available in battle royale mode
  • New weapons and heroes, which you can obtain detailed information via rescanning the news ‘Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Update - Zombies, Weapons, Scorestreaks, Themes and More

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2. Announcement of Ranked Mode in Season 3

It is reported that the Ranking of new season begins from January 2020 to March 2020. During that period, players could join in all shooting battle to claim the ranked rewards, which is consist of the Black Ops 3 weapons, feature series of Yellow Snake Camo.

3. “Lunar New Year” bundle, available from 20th Jan

It includes charms, emblems, calling card, two tier skips and more. All bundles and new-year-related rewards you can claim and purchase in the Modern Warfare Store.

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4. Released Party Game Moshpit Featured Playlist on 28th Jan.

All players could participant in the party now in order to gathering the Double XP in CODM. Accordingly, there are three playlists: Multipayer Mode, Blakout Mode and Zombies Mode.

5. Online Tier sale is available from 31st Jan. to 3rd Feb.

It is a crucial period for all players to login and obtain the firecrackers in multiplayer and battle royale shooting.

More information about Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3, you can visit the official news page of GameLoop. Plus, you could obtain exclusive gameplay with this emulator which supported by unique AOV engine.

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