[PUBG] Exclusive Information About PUBG Mobile New Season: Season 11

2020-01-16|by : GameLoop
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Season 11 update is coming soon, Jedi Survival has added an island map. Like the giant monsters of the North Sea surging in the tide, Karakin maps will bring fierce fighting to the survival of the Jedi. Unpredictable challenges, new weapons, and brand new islands are waiting for players, now let's learn about the first round of updates in season 11!

New map: Karakin

Karakin is located on the coast of North Africa. Its size is 2 * 2 kilometers (km). The island is arid, open and rocky. I believe that every moment will awaken your desire to challenge. Karakin's face is very small and very thrilling. It combines Mirama's tension with Sano's fast pace. In Karakin, up to 64 players can participate in each match. You will experience long-range rifle battles in the mountains, city battles that require far-reaching strategies, and underground battles that are tense in the dark. The new features of black circles that create variables for the game and the Karakin map will make every game appear. Out of different battlefields.

Black circles can instantly turn Karakin's buildings into ashes.

The design purpose of the black circle is to allow players to walk out of the building, randomly damage the building or even destroy everything inside the building. The process of turning buildings into ruins will happen in real time in the game. Even if you enter a zone with buildings in the late game, the buildings here may still disappear at any time. If you are currently in the purple area of ​​the mini map when the alarm sounds, escape from the area immediately! Buildings damaged by black circles will be marked as X on the map.

New Throwing Weapon: Sticky Bomb (only appears in Karakin). Sticky bombs can stick to walls and blast them, which will bring more gameplay to players' gaming experience. The stubble of the building after the blast provides more shooting angles for players who like squatting defense.

Now, there are more ways to attack the building. Break through from behind the building? Attack from the roof? Or both? It's up to you! We also have multiple hidden spaces for experimental players, please remember to carry one or two sticky bombs with you!

Added new vehicles-Powered Glider.

On January 15th, the power glider will be updated to official service. Specific content can be confirmed through "PUBG Lab Report: Powered Glider".

Powered gliders can be used in Miramar and Allenge.

Powered gliders are two-person vehicles consisting of the front seat for maneuvering the glider and the back seat, which can be used as desired. Power gliding opportunities refresh across the map. When the power glider reaches the speed required for takeoff, you need to press the S key to raise the nose. The fuel consumption of a power glider is directly proportional to the engine speed. The faster the speed of a powered glider, the more fuel it consumes. When the power glider is refreshed, it will be in a state without fuel. Don't forget to refuel the powered glider before you step on the throttle. The height that a powered glider can climb is unlimited! But the higher the altitude, the lower the propulsion of the engine.

Basic operation method

WASD-Controlling height and orientation

Left Shift / Left Ctrl-Control the output of the engine

You can use the handbrake by pressing the space bar while landing

Community mission

Whether you purchase a luxury pass or not, you can participate in community missions and earn skin rewards, while unlocking the story behind Karakin. Collecting CDs can improve the progress of community tasks. Open the obtained special box to get one of the following three items. The community mission scores that can be added for each disc are as follows:

Disc fragmentation: 1 point

Broken disc: 2 points

Old DVD: 3 points

You can check the community task scores you have obtained in the "Community Tasks" column, and you can get the corresponding XP (XP) based on the player's individual contribution.

Season Mission

Season missions consist of three channels: Channels 1,2: Consisting of 10 missions with increasing difficulty, you can participate whether or not you purchase a luxury pass. Channel 3: Consists of 10 quests of increasing difficulty, limited to players who purchase luxury passes.

The missions of each channel will be released monthly from January to March. A locked channel will show the time remaining until unlocked.

Players can earn a lot of XP rewards after completing the progress task. Milestones: Achieving specific target values ​​for daily, weekly, and challenging tasks can be considered complete.

Challenge task:

Earn rewarded missions by using designated firearms for difficult challenges.

Weapon Catalog:

Scorpion Pistol (Pistol)

Win94 (sniper rifle)

QBZ (Assault Rifle)

AKM (Assault Rifle)

QBU (Precision Shooter Rifle)

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