[Influencer] GameLoop Influencer Program Task 7

2020-01-16|by : GameLoop
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As a child, I always felt that many things were interesting. Clouds of various shapes in the sky, barking puppies on the ground. We immersed ourselves in all kinds of happiness. After growing up, it seems that many things have become less interesting. A variety of pressures came from work and study. Fortunately, we have GameLoop to accompany you in these long days. Among all of the games, which is your favorite game in the GameLoop you have played? Our task 7 is “Play your favorite game with GameLoop”, which took place from Jan 2-Jan 15.

Joining the “GameLoop Influencer Program” means you are partnered with Tencent, one of the largest companies in Internet and Gaming Industries. GameLoop, rebranded from Tencent Gaming Buddy, has a massive and loyal gaming userbase within a short time period. As a Gameloop content creator, you can have the GameLoop brand to amplify your video and get traffic support for you to your content. We design the growing system for you to learn and grow. You can learn how to make your videos appealing to your audience, and how to market and gain more followers, and more!Join us now!

You can check their name and watch their superb videos.

Name: YapaY YoYo

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: DaddySurvivor

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: Johnny Puppet

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: Akcakoca Gaming

Current Level: Lv 1

Name: The Bargeyn Been

Current Level: Lv 1

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Call of Duty: Mobile
PUBG Mobile
Free Fire