[CODM] Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Update - Zombies, Weapons, Scorestreaks, Themes and More

2020-01-13|by : GameLoop
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Even there is no official release date announced for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3, but from the community and other resource, we estimate the launch date would be around the mid of January. It has been 2 month since the first reveal of Season 2. It is time to welcome the new season.


Zombies were first introduced in Season 2 with the map 'Shi Ni Numa'. Shi No Numa featured a few easter eggs and quests, which would no doubt be welcomed by the community in the future on other maps; it would be great if they were more along the traditional COD Zombies easter egg lines.


In Season 2, new weapons like the Aurora Borealis variants of the M4 and UL736 were given. We predict weapon will arrive in the new season, even there is no obvious evidence to prove.


New scorestreak was introduced, the XS1 Goliath, were introduced in last season. Here are some scorestreaks that would work well:

  • RC-XD from Black Ops 1 and 2 (450 points)
  • Precision Airstrike from Modern Warfare 3 (600 points)
  • Reaper from Modern Warfare 3 (900 points)
  • Lightning Strike from Black Ops 2 (750 points)
  • K9-Unit from Black Ops 1 (1100 points)
  • Orbital VSAT from Black Ops 2 (1200 points)

New Maps

Fan favourite Scrapyard is added to COD Mobile, which is a recreation of the classic three-lane Modern Warfare 2 map.

It is a medium-sized map with plenty of opportunities for close to mid-range combat and promises plenty of action.


It would definitely introduce some popular theme related to the holiday such as Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year or St Patricks Day.

Shamrock and Awe has become a reoccurring event for Call of Duty and it would be a surprise not to see it appear again.

This can ultimately affect skins available and other customizable items, since it happened in Christmas theme in Season 2.

Battle Pass

The COD Mobile Battle Pass will likely once again feature weapon variants available to players as well as new characters.

In Season 2, players that purchased the premium battle pass could get Alex Mason and Sgt. Kamarov.

New Modes

Rapid Fire

Rapid Fire is a fast-paced and action-packed experience giving players infinite ammo, infinite grenades, sped up operator skill cooldowns, and faster-recharging scorestreaks.

This limited-time mode will be available for all to try on Season 3 launch.


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