[PUBG] Exclusive Information About PUBG Mobile 0.16.5: Domination Mode And Battle Royale Season 11

2020-01-09|by : GameLoop
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Domination Mode

According to the annoucement of leaked information of PUBG Mobile season 11, in order to capture a base for a red or blue team in a 4v4 battle, the base opens randomly from the starting point and there is another base after the first match. Team one wins two of the three bases. Special weapons boxes have been prepared for many bombs.

How to play domination mode?

Domination Mode is a classic mode in the first-person shooting games. It first appeared in popular online shooter shooting games such as CrossFire, Call of Duty, King of Battlefield, and Counter-Strike.
In the domination mode, players are also divided into "offensive side" (the lurker, ghost, shadow warrior) and "defensive side" (defender, mercenary). The offensive side needs to use the C4 bomb to destroy the target, and the defending side has to Prevent the target from being destroyed.

  • Offensive Victory Goal
    The attacker will have a player carrying a bomb (carrier), other teammates need to assist the bomber to complete the blasting task
    Place the bomb in a fixed place, blow up the enemy's strategic materials, or destroy the enemy.
  • Defensive Victory Goal
    Defenders need to prevent the offensive from installing bombs, or remove them after they are installed, or destroy the enemy. At the end of the game,
    The attacker has not successfully installed the bomb, the defender has won

PUBG Mobile Royale Season 11

PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 10: Fury of the Wasteland started from November is ending soon on January 7. According to the leaks, new Season 11 will kick off this week including a new theme, items, skins, outfits and some winter specials. Mr Ghost Gaming, a PUBG Mobile leaker, posted a video containing several leaks about the upcoming update 0.16.5.

The new season 11 might feature a Cyberpunk Twist along with new Season 11 mission and challenge to the game. Mr Ghost Gaming mentioned that new Mk14 sniper rifle weapon skin with the logo of S11 will be offered to Diamond Tie players while Ace Tier users will get the limited new parachute and new rank-up outfit for Gold Tier. Moreover, new AKM Glacier Lab skin with the ice-made appearance and SnowFlake Girl skin with blue and ice alternate will be introduced.

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More Leaked Information About PUBG Season 11

Apart from that, the leak video shows the new winter special lobby interface and new Angry birds finish, new vehicle skins as well as the winter-themed outfit. Besides, new Snowbike will come out in mobile version which gathers huge popularity in the PC version few months ago instead of the current motorbike in the Vikendi map. Another Mode domination based on a map of EvoGround without canted sight and Erangel 2.0 will kick off as well.

On top of that, the video reveals that players are able to predetermine their loadout for the TDM mode, maximum to set 4 loadout by leveling up while it can be changed in the match. Not only the weapon type such as the assault rifle or sniper but also their attachments like mag, scope and foregrip could be set in advance in Teamdeath match.

Considering the mobile phone memory and configuration, PUBG Mobile makes it possible to download the modes file separately which players can download the modes they prefer only to keep the smooth gameplay and save the phone traffic. In other words, the game will be much lighter reducing the requirement of the game carrying equipment.

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