[Mobile Legends] Mobile Legends: Adventure Hero Recommendation

2020-01-03|by : GameLoop
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Mobile Legend is a multiplayer online battle arena mobile game developed and published by Moonton Technology. It is become popular in Southeast Asia. The new version Mobile Legends: Adventure features all the characters from the Mobile Legends: Bang bang. We will give you some tips about how to choose the best heroes.

In the game, we have three types of heroes, who are epic, elite, and common. These heroes own unique skills like tank, healing, damage, AoE, and so on. You can focus on the Adventure best heroes for you to use. Here we make the recommendation as following.


This character has the great skill in damage, which is burst, AoE. Along with the high-damage stats, he can control the crowd and support his partners. He can immobilize the target for a few seconds. His passive skill increases attack damage of allies by thousands of points.


This is one of the most popular epic heroes in this game. She also specialized in dealing AoE damage, healing allies, immobilizing the enemy, and putting buffs on herself.


The character is a tank unit with a specialty in crowd control/charge role. He has powerful skills such as AoE damage, reducing the enemy’s attack speed, counterattacks, armor/HP buff.


This is a fighter class hero with damage and control skills. He can strike down the enemies with his powerful AoE skills, dealing massive physical damage to the enemies. His passive skill can increase his dodge rate and attack damage in certain conditions.


Lolita is one of the best tanks in Mobile Legends: Adventure game. She possesses amazing shield skills to increase her survival chance on the battlefield. As a result, Lolita soaks most of the damage from the enemies. Besides the shield skills, Lolita also has AoE, Crowd Control (Stun), Burst DMG Skills.

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