[Saint Seiya] Review of the New PvP and Poseidon Chapter of Saint Seiya

2020-01-03|by : GameLoop
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During the previous days, Saint Seiya seems to spend lots of effort into creating a crucial and surprising gift for their players. According to the official announcement, the festival season of Saint Seiya: Awakening forms as a new PVP mode. In addition, Saint Seiya: Awakening also launched a new story chapter, which introduces the Poseidon Chapter in chapter 19. Apart from them, there are various surprises and gifts given by Saint Seiya, here is the touchy and exclusive information you need to notice.

New PvP Mode

The official Facebook account of Saint Seiya admits that the new PVP tournament from 18th December 2019 to 31st December 2019. Unfortunately, the fantastic PvP Mode is initially announced in the “Knights of the Zodiac” worldwide version, players in other versions need to more patient to wait for the final release.In this PvP mode, Players need to join in 8 battles pre-week and obtain the rewards once win 6 of all battles.

New Chapter

The fresh chapter named Poseidon Chapter has released for a period, this new chapter requires players to login into the game every day and participant in the event to claim rewards. Two new Saints were introduced in the Poseidon Chapter as twins, named Sea Dragon Kanon and Gemini Saga, you might notice the fresh story and chapter background is established around two of them.

Also, there are 10 Marinas take part in the gameplay in the Poseidon Chapter. Players could collect more rewards from joining the celebrate activities from the Saint Seiya Facebook.

Best Saints You Need to Keep Eyes on

For playing in the new mode and PRG game more professional, you need to pay much attention to select your Saints. Here are some recommended Saints for your party:

  • Libra Dohko (S), who is rear and high-attentive. In particular, once a Libra Dohko has four "Tiger Souls", he can do double damage, which means he becomes an omnipotent warrior
  • Sagittarius Aiolos (S), famous as “One shot, One kill”, namely, as long as his physical attack is high enough, he can kill the strongest PvE boss with one hit.
  • Pisces Aphrodite (S), one of the most beautiful and powerful Saints. Moreover, Aphrodite's fame lay in his ability to scatter roses at his enemies. Aphrodite's ability gains extra power when an enemy has two roses on them. If you have both Aphrodite and Kiki, with Kiki's support, Aphrodite can gain additional power and become stronger
  • Sextana Luna, the best supporter you had better collect in your party. The exclusive skill named Star Fate Prayer ensues Luna could change game units and launch additional attacks quickly.

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