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12-27|by : GameLoop
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When it comes to party games what is your first choice of game. The first game comes to my mind is the Super Smash Bros.

The game first released in 1999, it is its 20th anniversary in this year. During this period, there were 5 works released. The first work was registered on the N64 platform with only 12 characters and few maps, but his core gameplay could hold firmly. With the hearts of our little friends, we didn't seem to get tired of playing at that time.

At that time, they practiced their own natal characters. Even though the picture looks rudimentary now, but we are together for one afternoon, and the daily topics are all about games. It is still one of my happiest memories of my childhood. If you are not a core player, I cannot guarantee that you will like it, but if you play with the children, I can guarantee that this game will never let you down.

Today this generation has 79 new characters, and these characters are not limited to the Nintendo world. They come from various game worlds, and the heroes come together to perform an unparalleled carnival. Every time Nintendo announces a new character to join the game, it will cause a sensation. I think this is also a carnival for players all over the world.

Even if you only know part of the characters, you can get extraordinary fun in the game. Because in addition to the game characters, the game also contains a full map of previous works. There are thousands of classic background music, and thousands of souls in various game worlds (still being updated). The game is interspersed with countless stalks Just like these, even if only bought as a music player, it is a absolutely worth.

Unique core gameplay

As a fighting game, it has a very low threshold. Unlike traditional fighting games, you only need to use the arrow keys to add attack health to each skill. Like the game).

If you are a first-time player, I firmly believe that a blind operation in a brawl can also knock old players out of the field. With the big move, you may also complete a triple kill!

The most enthusiastic about the game is his percussion feedback. With the HD vibration of the handle, the game gives you strong feedback all the time. You can play a section of 3 or more companies by pressing the attack button hit. Regardless of the age or gender, just watch the two-minute game tutorial and get familiar with the basic rules and operations.

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