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12-23|by : GameLoop
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If you are a battle royale game lover, you must heard about Garena Free Fire. The game beat PUBG Mobile and won the most downloaded mobile game of 2019 across Android and IOS devices all over the world. The game combined the character skill system with Battle royale theme adding RPG elements to FPS games. Over 450 million gamers have registered in Free fire as of May 2019 and more than 50 million players are active in the game everyday.

Players who are having the first time in the game might get confused and feel intimidated against the real-man enemies with the weapon. Newbies may don't know where to go, what to do and how to fight with the enemies in the combat. If you are encountering the above situations, you must not miss these Free Fire tips for beginners.

Four Tips for Who Have Just Started Playing Garena Free Fire


Choosing the landing place is the first and most critical strategy of the game before jumping. Generally speaking, the team who occupies a more advantageous place will survive till the end and won the whole game. Gamers can choose hot places such as Clock Tower and Pochinok where you can find rare loots but with a high risk of facing rivals in early time. On the other hand, gamers can land in less jammed areas such as Cape Town and Hangar avoiding early combat.


The common mistake the beginners will make is that they are too picky about weapons and equipment. Indeed, perfect loot will lead players to the final champion, but the reality is often not so smooth, and it can not be achieved in most cases. Take whatever you can in the early game even Grenade or Flashbang then collect the legendary items as the game progresses. That will be the only survival way.


New gamers are often killed by the opponents without knowledge, handling the fight and starting the combat actively rather than blind escape is a superiority tactic and also a better way to experience the game deeply. Although it may be difficult to newbies, that will train the powerful mental and shooting skills.


Success in the FPS multi-player game requires tons of practice hours. Feeling about the weapon's recoil behaviors and bullet drops is essential before the official game which can be achieved in practice mode. On top of that, it is also a useful way to improve the aiming accuracy and get familiar with different maps.

Hopefully, you can build a better experience with Garena Free Fire through these tips. This is the only way for new gamers to become an experimented player.
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