[Archero] How to Download Archero on PC with GameLoop

12-23|by : GameLoop
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Introduction of Archero

Archero is an action-type adventure placement mobile game launched by Habby. In the game, players will play an archer warrior who kills demons, go to the dungeon, kill various evil forces, and finally save the world.

Why Playing Archero on PC with GameLoop?

In these Action (ACT) games, players need to complete a variety of physical activities to complete tasks, challenges, and battles. These physical activities include activities such as precise alignment and fast response, so players have a higher requirement for device sensitivity, resolution, and security. In order to get a better ACT gaming experience on the PC, GameLoop can bring you the following benefits:

Fast and Accurate Controller With Mouse and Keyboard.

You might notice that when you want to control your joystick in Archero more flexibly, avoiding the attack from enemies, you need to be more familiar with your keyboard. Accordingly, In order to support players moving faster and smooth, GameLoop provides the exclusive Keymapping service and Two-Engine support, hence, players could take their adventure in Archero without any lagging and stuck.

Ultimate Graphic and Vision, Exclusive Support of 2K Resolution.

ACT games alway need a high requirement of graphic and picture design, so do Archero. In order to convey a fantastic gaming experience, GameLoop spends lots of effort to provide a 2K resolution game setting, Hence, players could get involved into this exciting and Roguelike game with a big screen on PC.

Social Accounts Login In.

In case you wanna play Archero on GameLoop with your friends, GameLoop ensures you login in with your Google and Facebook account directly and easily. Thereby, you have the opportunity to share your rewards and game achievement with your friends and invited them to grab their heroes and join this game together.

How to Install Archero on PC

Before starting the gaming, you need to download the GameLoop emulator first. Here are the steps for your guide.

  • Find Our Website. Search “GameLoop” keyword in your chrome, Google Chrome, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo, IE explorer, Naverr and all the other chrome are supported. Or you can directly input to visit our website.
  • Download GameLoop Installer. By clicking any “Download” button on the website page, you can download GameLoop installer, which is 9.6 MB only. Install it after successfully downloading, you may need a few minutes during the loading.

  • Open GameLoop and Find Archero. After successfully install, you can click the GameLoop icon on your desktop and enter GameLoop. You can find your target games in “Game Center”; or if not, find the search bar on the top, and input “Archero”.

  • Download & Install Archero on The Emulator. Clicking on the Install option and start to download and then install the game on your computer.
  • Open Archero and Start Gameplaying. Once finished installing the game, you can see the interface of the game directly, click “Play” to play. Or you can find the games you installed in the “My Games” bar, and click “Play”.
  • Find and Play More Games in GameLoop. On the left bar of “Game Center”, GameLoop has provided over 200 games with various genres of games, including First-Person Shooting games (FPS), Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA), Auto Mobile, Role-Playing Game (RPG), Strategy games and more.

As a brand-new game emulator launched in 2018, GameLoop is the official Android emulator of Tencent, which is rebranding from Tencent Gaming Buddy (tgb), Now it has owned over 50 million monthly active users around the world. Owning self-innovated AOW engine, exclusive payment, security, and accelerator solution, GameLoop aims to provide a one-stop game service to both players and game developers.

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