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12-19|by : GameLoop
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We already have a weapon tips and guides for sniper rifle last time, today comes to the Assault rifle. The comparison of the stats and the general application will be provided in this comprehensible Assault Rifle guide.

Assault Rifle Guide

Weapon Mag. Size Power Recoil Range RoF Obtained In

AKM 30 40 34 60 61 World
M16A4 30 42 34 64 10 World
SCAR-L 30 42 31 55 70 World

M416 30 42 31 56 80 World

AUG A3 30 42 31 50 63 Crate

GROZA 30 40 32 60 72 Crate

In general, Assualt Rifle is the most versatile weapon in PUBG Mobile. Players can use it in any combat range but usually perform well in mid-range. Most players will equip at least one of the assault rifle because of its strong adaptability. Usually, the Assault rifle can assemble various attachments and get different functions. The key tip of using Assualt Rifle is the way of switching the multiple firing modes. Semi-auto or burst have Less recoil but lower damage, while full-auto owns massive damage in a short-time but high recoil. Hence, Semi-auto or burst for long-range and full-auto for close range will be the first choice for players.


AKM fires 7.62mm rounds which can deal massive damage in one bullet. Every coin has two sides. Although AKM supports both single shot and auto mode as well as a huge damage for one shot, the recoil is too heavy to control by Newbies. But if you are veterans, it will be the recommended assault rifle.


M16A4 is a classic burst-firing assault rifle. It fires 5.56mm rounds and performs well especially in short-range combat. However, the drawback of M16A4 is that it lacks full-auto shooting mode and the burst mode is hard to control its accuracy and make all 3 bullets aiming at the opponents.


SCAR-L is a common assault rifle players choose in PUBG Mobile. It uses 5.56 mm rounds and players can switch between single shot to full auto shooting mode in a fierce battle. The reason for SCAR-L’s popularity is its light recoil, stability and accuracy making it the most "available" choice for both the new and veteran.


The most popular assault rifle should be M416 which fires 5.56 mm rounds and supports both single and full auto mode as same as SCAR-L. The special feature of M416 is that it can equip with various attachments to maintain the different kinds of battle distance as well as diverse battle formats. Hence, M416 has high customization ability and it is versatile and fatal.


AUG A3 can only be looted from supply drops firing 5.56mm rounds with both single and full-auto mode. It is known by its light recoil and mid-to-far combat ability. The recommended attachment of AUG A3 will be quickdraw mag with can reduce its reload speed. Although AUG A3 owns the same stats with Groza, Groza has higher fire speed and accuracy.


GROZA is an airdrop weapon and owns an extremely high powerhouse. It fires 7.62mm rounds and has both single shot and full-auto mode. The specialty of Groza is its fire rate and low recoil which is able to make an extreme combat performance in small play areas. By default, Groza can knock down the unarmored opponents with only 2 bullets with full HP. The main drawback of Groza is its slow reload time at 3 seconds. However, Groza is still loved by a huge FPS player as its high DPS.

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