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12-18|by : GameLoop
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We have do the recommendation for the FPS games, RPG games. Today we will give the recommendation of Strategy games for the lovers.

Idle Construction 3D

This is a newly released strategy game in Nov 2019, with 4.35 out of 5 rating in the google playstore. Are you to start your business? Welcome to the tycoon game. You can manage your time to max the efficacy of making money, and raise your business, and collect the greatest landmark buildings. Creating a landmark tycoon and expanding your inventory are the ways to accumulate your wealth. Earn more cash and expand your trade, then you can update and unlock new features. Be ready to become rich and improve your money management skills and become the riches business man.

Mix Colors!

Do you want check if you have any artist talent? You will be given two basic colors. You need to mix those two colors and make the mixing ones as close as the given theme. Two flushing buttons would help you to do the color adjust. Once you are done, you can press the submission button to check out your work.

Art of War: Legions

This game is developed by 10P Studios and released in this year. In this game, you will lead the legions of tiny armies. You will be challenged of different levels, and please do not forget to get your bonus from the bounty tasks.

Top War: Battle Game

Top war is the combination of strategy and battle game, which made to be an easy-to-learn gameplay. Everyone can learn the basic rules in one min. You just need to tap, tap and swipe, swipe. As you level up, you could unlock dozens of troops, buildings and skills.

Bloons TD Battles

This is the strategy game designed for multiplayer combat. In the Go monkey vs monkey mode, you place your character in a bloon-popping battle. It features with 18 custom tracks, incredible towers and upgrades. You can directly control bloons, and send them your opponent’s defenses.

You can play the strategy game with our emulator with smart Key mapping, 4k resolution, resulting better game experience. More information about the mobile game and PC games, you can visit the website of GameLoop and download the official emulator now.

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