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12-17|by : GameLoop
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As a fresh and latest Chess game, the current version of "Chess Rush" seems to differ with traditional and other chess games like Dota Underlords. There are more than 50 heroes to choose from the game. Each hero belongs to a different race and profession, which can be combined into a variety of unique teams.

In addition to the classic battle mode in the game, there are also speed modes-"double growth, double happiness", and cooperation mode-"two-person cooperation, support for battle"; the development team said that more interesting modes are being developed.

Here are some guides and tactics for you to play this game well as a beginner:


Chess Rush sets four game modes: competitive mode, entertainment mode, novice teaching, room opening.

The most commonly used competitive modes are:

1.Classic Mode: (Chess player's life value is 100) The original battle experience, enjoy the fun of the game in the 8-player game!

2.Speed Battle: (Chess player health value 60) Speed speed, full firepower, feel the double experience, double mana crystal confrontation, experience double happiness in a shorter time!

3.Cooperative Confrontation: two-person team, four-way game, sharing chess pieces with teammates, breaking through the population limit, activating more fetters. The time has come to test cooperation and tacit understanding.


The current heroes in the game are Furry, Dragon, Jelly, Goblin, Beast, Elf, Human, Undead, Oceanborn, Cyborg, Void, Demon with 12 different races.

Each hero has 3-4 talents and class attributes, such as Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Knight, Hunter, Warlock, Craftsman, Druid, Judge. Three heroes of the same level can advance to the next level and require manual operation.

Tips and Guides:

A game of 8 players starts with two pawns in the game, playing three waves of monsters to pick up randomly dropped equipment, and then enters a random player battle.

For stars, you need to:

1. Select the “Newbie” in the auto battler genre, even if you have played it before.

2. Understand the unique states and special abilities of each hero.

3. Follow the recommended heroes and formations if you have no idea about the lineup.

4. Remember to equip equipment in the PvE round.

5. Organize your limited mana crystals and rerolls

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