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12-13|by : GameLoop
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It is announced that the newest season of MLBB launched this month, ending at 20th November. Here are important and newest information you need to know about the new version.

1.Graphic updated

In order to improve the gaming experience and gaming process for MOBA players, the new version spends lots of efforts on the graphic optimization. Namely, you might notice that the design of the battle scenes will be more clear and smoother with the support of HD support.

2.Faster Unity engine support

One of the exclusive characters of this fresh unity engine is that this new engine allows players to participate in and control the gaming and multiple battle list cross different platforms. All operation will be more user-friendly and more smoothly for players.

3. New map and heroes released

With huge support and expectation. Mobile Legends introduced a new hero named WanWan, which is the makeup of Marksman type heroes in the game.

According to the official announcement and release, the key character and functions of Wan Wan are:

  • The best and most useful method of Wan Wan is to regard her as a Flicker or Sprint and support your team with Battle Spell. Fortunately, you can use this hero no matter at the early or the late stage in the game.
  • In order to active the Tiger Pace passive skill of Wan Wan, it is recommended that you can use Basic Attack combined with skill 1 in the early stage, keep attacking when you have level 4 skill.
  • Wanwan is a Marksman with a speed ability that has been equipped with her. In order to boost the attack speed, it is necessary to collect and make the Swift Shoes and WindTalker. with the support of two of them, you will obtain an additional 50% physical attack. importantly, the attachment of Scarlett Phantom and Berseker Fury will maximize the damage of Wan Wan
  • Also, you need to pay much attention to the Swallow Dart of Wan Wan: She would throw a Swallow Dart with a customized direction and path, hitting enemies with an additional 60% physical attack; The physical attack will keep and increased to extra 80% when the Swallow Dagger return to Wan Wan

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